Murder cases rise in Mash West

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Murder cases rise in Mash West Insp Mabgweazara

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Fortunate Gora Mash West Correspondent
Traditional leaders and Government officials have joined the police in condemning the rising number of murder cases in the province with 15 people being killed in December alone.

The number represents an increase from the six people who were murdered during the same period in 2017.

In an interview, Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara expressed concern that people continued to ignore calls to respect the sanctity of life.

“We are reminding people that police have tightened their security measures against murderers. We will not hesitate to arrest all those who are turning themselves into social monsters,” he said.

“All the 15 people who died in December lost their precious lives over petty issues and that cannot be tolerated at all.”

Insp Mabgweazara said the majority of murder cases were a result of domestic disputes, beer and drug abuse, mine ownership wrangles while others involved mentally challenged persons.

Mashonaland West provincial chiefs’ council chairman Chief Ngezi said traditional leaders would work with the police in ensuring that villagers follow the law when brewing traditional beer.

This, he said, would minimise murder cases that usually emanate from beer binges.

“We are encouraging our chiefs to educate their villagers on the Traditional Beer Act because there are reports of many people who kill each other during these drinking binges,” he said.

The Traditional Beer Act outlines the licensing process while spelling out the amount of beer to be brewed for sale and the time patrons should be dismissed.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development provincial director, Mrs Miriam Kagoro, has urged women who face domestic violence to report to responsible authorities to avoid unnecessary loss of life.

“We are encouraging women to report all cases of domestic violence to relevant authorities. Some women are dying silently because they are afraid of divorce if they report their violent husbands to police,” she said.

Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches’ Council patron Mr Jimayi Muduvuri said people should remember that life belongs to God.

He urged aggrieved people to seek counselling from the elderly or church leaders to resolve their differences rather than to take the law into their own hands.

“Misunderstandings are common even among couples but the best solution is to seek for counselling from your superiors. It is true that people are killing each other over issues that are not worth dying for,” he said.

In September last year, 10 people were murdered and by November the the number had increased with most of the cases involving artisanal miners.

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