Mupindu trades the wheel for the stage

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Mupindu trades the wheel for the stage Patrick Mupindu

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Long distance truck driver and Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria protégé Patrick Mupindu last weekend launched his debut six-track album titled “Muri Saani” last weekend.


The album was recorded at Gart Media Studio and engineered by Anthony Gasani while veteran music producer Bothwell Nyamhondera did the mastering.

Speaking to Herald Arts, Mupindu said he is happy with the new album as it is going to stamp his presence on the local music scene.

“The single Ndangariro gave me the confidence to go all out because it was well received and even enjoyed favourable airplay on local radio stations,” he said.

“I am happy that my six track album Muri Saani is here and it’s already being streamed on various digital platforms and also getting airplay on national radio.”

According to the Njonda Power band leader, the album title Muri Saani is a question on who we are to judge because God is the only one with the power to do that.

“People might say a lot of things about your life and conclude that you won’t progress but it’s only God who has the last say. Everyone else is just wasting time.”

“The album title is therefore, a reminder for people not to judge, dismiss or limit others because only God has the sovereign power and he knows our future,” he said.

Mupindu roped in veteran guitarists among them, former Utakataka band members Willard Loti and Evidence Tarabuku on lead and rhythm guitar respectively, former Khiama bassist Nasho Azati on bass guitar and Khiama Boys backing vocalist Godknows Landirani on backing vocals.

“I wanted a quality production that demonstrates my intentions and I am happy to have roped in seasoned musicians to help me on the project.

“The result is amazing and I am happy that music critics, including my mentor and inspiration Madzibaba Zakaria, have given the album the nod,” Mupindu said.

Some of the songs on the album include Rauya Gen’a, Mukoma Wengie, Varoyi, Shafa, Gwenyambira and Muparadzi.

“The song Rauya Gen’a is talking about the life journey and illustrates the ups and downs that people face along the way. It encourages people not to give up but have courage, faith and to be brave in the face of challenges.

On Mukoma Wengie, the message is about being faithful and honest while Varoyi is advising evil doers and schemers to be considerate of others and spread love.

Shafa is about parenting and it advises children to take heed of the advice they get so that they benefit from it in future. The song Gwenyambira is encouraging artiste to unite, love one another and stop fighting so that they contribute to a viable industry. The last song Muparadzi is about legacy preservation whereby parents should teach their children to be responsible so that they don’t destroy what is bequeathed to them,” he explained.


Mupindu said he is hoping to finally venture into full-time music given his continued investment in the trade.

“Music remains my first love and though I am happy with the job security and what I am getting from driving. I am hoping to be in full time music and staging live shows. I am already investing in studio and live show equipment,” he said.

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