Mungoshi Jnr to unveil five books

Mungoshi Jnr to unveil five books Charles Mungoshi Jnr
Charles Mungoshi Jnr

Charles Mungoshi Jnr

Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent
Charles Mungoshi Jnr, son to legendary author Charles Mungoshi, is set to unveil five new books next month.

Mungoshi said he is happy that he is finally launching his books something that he has always dreamt of.

“I feel like I have managed to release my heart and mind in ink on paper, when I told my father about this, he smiled and dropped some tears of joy.

“These books took a long time for me to publish since some were written over five years ago,” he said.

He highlighted that he is optimistic that the books will have positive impact on the readers.

He worked with fast-growing author Philip Chidavaenzi to come up with the new products.

“After working with one of the most profound authors of this generation Phillip Chidavaenzi I think readers will enjoy reading the material and get encouragement from the works,” he said.

Mungoshi added that one of the books titled “The Curse of Being Young and Successful” focuses on young entrepreneur Chamu Chiwanza.

“This book was written after an analysis and experience of the life of my mentor Chamu Chiwanza. I discovered that in this country if you are young and become successful you are likely to face a number of challenges including being labelled badly. People will question how you became that successful at your age and there is a risk of being accused of using juju. So in this book, I try to reveal the secrets of how to become successful and the challenges that one is likely to face when he or she becomes successful,” he said.

Other books that Mungoshi will be unveiling on the same day are “Snipets of my Versatile Mind”, “Falls for the Top”, “Inspirations from Lake on the Road to Abundance” and another one in Shona titled “Madhiri eCash”.

“I let the thoughts mature like good wine so as to get someone drunk with motivation for success while reading the books,” he said.

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