Yeukai Karengezeka Entertainment Reporter
Renowned painter Wycliffe Mundopa will be hosting a solo exhibition dubbed “Dramascapes” with new works on paper at the First Floor Gallery Harare tomorrow.
The exhibition presents new works with some of the artist’s largest canvases.

According to the Gallery curator Valerie Kabov, Mundopa’s dramascapes speak a lot of things.

“Dramascapes speaks to the extraordinary drama of ordinary lives. It delivers powerful and uncompromising testimonials of unspoken and unspeakable truths concealed by the public face of routines and social conventions,” she said.

She also said that his works touch the hearts of many.

“The colours in his canvases scream passion and pain, underscored by the lovingly razor-edged elegance of his lines.

“There is no idealism here, except the ideal of brutal honesty, which leaves no one untouched and everyone more human.”

Born in 1987, Mundopa is already a veteran of Harare art scene and a tenacious witness to Zimbabwe contemporary life.

He is a poet and a passionate advocate of the lives of women and children in Harare’s underprivileged neighbourhoods with a drive to acknowledge those that are often swept under the carpet by society.

Mundopa’s exceptional skill and expressive power has won him acclaim and popularity with both collectors and critics.

His works are collected and exhibited as far as Hong Kong, Kenya, Australia, France, UK, US, Germany and The Netherlands.

Mundopa has been exhibiting with First Floor Gallery Harare since 2010 and has most recently represented the gallery at Berliner Liste 2013 international art fair as well as the inaugural edition of Contemporary African Art Fair, 2013 in London.

In 2007 he won a Special Mention, Peace Through Unity Exhibition award at the Gallery Delta.

In the same year he won prizes for the Outstanding Work in two dimensions at National Arts Merit Awards.

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