Mukwazhe castigates bigwigs


Herald Reporter
The Zimbabwe Development Party leader, Mr Kisinoti Mukwazhe, has castigated some bigwigs in Zanu-PF and Government for working tirelessly to destroy President Mugabe’s image and the economy for their selfish agendas.

Speaking to The Herald yesterday, Mr Mukwazhe expressed his disappointment over the performance of people in higher positions whom he accused of working round the clock to destroy President Mugabe.

“I am ready to declare war against such useless persons in high positions,” said Mr Mukwazhe.

“President Mugabe is a victim of sellouts who speak sugar and act sour.”

Mr Mukwazhe withdrew his presidential candidature in the 2013 harmonised elections and rallied behind President Mugabe after the latter promised two million jobs through the party’s manifesto.

“I stood firmly behind President Mugabe,” he said.

“He even promised many other economic progresses, but all that is not materialising due to people who are working against him from within. I am not prepared to wait and watch careless people destroying the President and the economy. Never! Those same people are putting iron curtains between the President and us the progressive Zimbabweans.”

Mr Mukwazhe, however, promised that a year from now, Zimbabwe would be the best performing state in Africa.

He said he had a strategy to turn around the fortunes of Zimbabwe, but agents of “our enemies are shutting us out”.

“I have seven super moves which can transform our country into a paradise. The move is a non-political drive, but it can yield rewards for the nation with President Mugabe still in office,’’ Mr Mukwazhe said.

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