Mukumba grabs squash title

17 May, 2019 - 00:05 0 Views

The Herald

Collin Matiza Sports Editor
YOUNG Innocent Mukumba recently buried himself in glory after emerging as the 2019 Belgravia Sports Club’s squash champion.

Mukumba, son to one of the country’s top squash coaches Mashumba Mukumba,  emerged as the top dog at this year’s Belgravia Sports Club’s Club Championship by beating his arch-rival Tafadzwa Mushunje 3-0 in the men’s final of the tournament which ran from April 30 to May 8.

Third place went to Roy Jambo, who beat Covermore Mutata 3-0, while there was supposed to be a family affair in the women’s final to feature two sisters, Polite and Yvonne Mubure.

But the older sister Yvonne was not available at the time of the finals and this allowed her sibling to walk away with the title through a walkover.

This tournament ran for two weeks and it gave all the players enough time to play all games.

This year’s Belgravia Sports Club’s Club Championship was sponsored by Kudavana Partnership Trust who came up with medals, shields and cash prizes in order to boost the morale of the players.

The tournament’s organiser Mashumba Mukumba said.

“The level of competition was very high and some junior players were getting a hiding from old, seasoned and experienced players.”

William Pepukai, the Belgravia Sports Club’s squash section chairman, gave the vote of the thanks to the sponsor and those who participated in the tournament.

Pepukai gave a warm welcome to David Mundirwira, the administrator of Kudavana who caters for the orphaned and vulnerable children. Kudavana shares the same values with Belgravia Sports Club’s squash academy for supporting the underprivileged children through sports. Sadman Sadomba, the club chairman, presented the prizes to the winners of the tournament.

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