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Mukoma Panga tackles domestic violence in new song

20 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views
Mukoma Panga tackles domestic violence in new song Mukoma Panga

The Herald

Arts Reporter
Following reports of increased domestic violence cases due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown, sungura musician Mukoma Panga, has added his voice to the campaign against the social ill through a new single titled “Chibhakera”.

The single was plucked off Mukoma Panga’s upcoming album, “Pfimbi Yegudo” that is expected on the market soon.

“Chibhakera” will be officially released online today.

The song castigates men that subject their wives to various forms of abuse and blame economic woes for their misplaced anger and unwanted actions.

It is about a man who says he cannot execute his basic responsibilities in family and marriage because of financial hardships.

The man excuses himself from everything that he is expected to do.

In response, his wife complains about the physical and verbal abuse that she gets instead of love and family security.

Mukoma Panga — real name Panganai Hare — said he did the song to encourage love, unity, pace and harmony in families.

“It is true that we sometimes go through hard times, but such hardships should never be given as excuses for domestic violence,” he said. “Actually, there should be no excuse for domestic violence.

“Families should do their best to live in harmony. Happy marriages lead to happy families, happy families create happy communities, happy communities make the backbone to a happy world.”

Mukoma Panga’s single falls in the same bracket with the hit “Panganayi” from his current album “Mbuva Yehwiza”, which discourages promiscuity and advocates for love and faithfulness in marriages.

The singer said his music speaks to development and happiness.

He tackles various topics on his songs and happiness in marriage is one of the many themes he explores.

Mukoma Panga encouraged people to support each other beyond their families and marriages, especially in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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