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Mugodhi succession wrangle rages on

12 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Mugodhi succession wrangle rages on

The Herald

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
Washington Mugodhi, the son of the late Mugodhi Apostolic church leader Tadewu, who was appointed as the new church leader after being anointed by his late father, has been taken to court for contempt of court after the High Court barred him from leading the church until a matter challenging his selection as unconstitutional is finalised.

Washington was appointed as the substantive church leader at his father’s memorial service last week.
According to a High Court order dated December 18, 2019 the applicant, Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church, was granted a final order to access the church premises particularly the church’s shrine in Wedza, while Tadewu’s children — Washington, Innocent and Enock Mugodhi —who were cited in the application were ordered to pay the costs of court.

“Pending finalisation of this matter, an interim order is hereby granted on condition that the interim order shall remain operational despite noting of an appeal by the respondents,” read the High Court order.

Reports indicate that Tony Sigauke, who was the vice bishop of the church, was supposed to succeed Tadewu as the church leader, according to its constitution, but the late leader allegedly violated it and reserved the position for his son and this did not go down well with other con- gregants.
Medical attention

According to the church’s constitution, Sigauke is now the rightful church leader as per the High Court judgment and was expected to succeed Tadewu.

According to the High Court, Tadewu was not supposed to anoint his son, who was not in the church leadership hierarchy, as his successor before he had been cleansed by Sigauke after he allegedly went to South Africa to seek medical attention, which is against the church’s tenets.
Washington is yet to respond to the High Court application.

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