‘Mudendere’ probably best cover of the year

‘Mudendere’ probably best  cover of the year
Mr Noxa

Mr Noxa

Robert Mukondiwa
It was by chance that I happened upon the music of Mr Noxa. Granted, I haven’t been my usual self; following the pop culture or the new music coming out of Zimbabwe’s studios. Perhaps I have become tardy. Perhaps the new rising musicians have become tardy. Or perhaps in all fairness we both have; me and them.

I had argued on fellow writer Plot Mhako’s thread on Facebook against assertions that music in Zimbabwe was dying thanks to a dearth of artistes as stated by Sulu Chimbetu. But deep inside I pondered whether the sungura artiste was perhaps right.

There really isn’t much in terms of artistry to come out of the music world these days from new names. But as 2017 shuts down, perhaps we need to remember the beautiful piece given to us by Mr Noxa real name Axon Bobo.

True, there is talent and immeasurable potential. True, songs are coming out that make people jump on the dance floor, but little that one will hold onto on their playlist for say, the coming six or seven years or perhaps until their dying day.

The music, the songs-well, they are coming with a sell by date. Which is why I have been jolted by the music of Mr Noxa. Technically the song in question, “Mudendere”, was written and performed by Doba Don and Noxa did the cover. But perhaps that is the shocking thing about the whole scenario.

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