Mucherahowa advocates for football overhaul Memory Mucherahowa

Albert Marufu in LONDON, England
FORMER Warriors and Dynamos midfielder, Memory Mucherahowa, believes the country’s football system needs a complete overhaul for the Warriors to start realising their true potential.

Under coach Zdravko Logarusic, the Warriors have one win, four draws and six losses in 12 matches and although he helped Zimbabwe qualify for the 2021 AFCON finals, he only contributed four points in the qualifying rounds.

Mucherahowa said the current situation at ZIFA, which shuts former footballers out of the administrative system, makes it impossible to attain success.

“The current system (at ZIFA) hates former footballers,” he said.

“Just look at the people who interviewed the current national team coach for that job.

“How many former footballers were there?

“A system that chooses to ignore people like Ephraim Chawanda or Peter Ndlovu and trust people, who never played football, to make footballing decisions is a joke.

“I am not surprised that Loga is struggling to get positive results.

“Just look at the coach’s history, it’s not his fault that we are struggling.

“The problem lies with those who gave him the job.

“How do you expect to get a bumper harvest when you planted nothing?

“No football person would have employed Loga based on his track record.”

Mucherahowa said ZIFA leaders were more interested in those who vote them into office than those who can help the game realise its potential.

At the last AFCON finals, ZIFA sent scores of their councillors to Egypt rather than a group of former players to come up with reports on how the Warriors could do better at subsequent tournaments.

“A person like Moses Chunga, Peter Ndlovu, Chamu Musanhu, Alexander Maseko, just to name of few, would have never allowed that to happen,” Mucherahowa said.

“The hatred of former players is just appalling.

“Once they retire, they are not needed anywhere near ZIFA House.

“Look at Peter Ndlovu, did anyone even think of doing a testimonial match to honour him for his service?

“Do these guys at ZIFA even know where Chawanda is? Obviously not, because they do not care.”

Mucherahowa said the appointment of coaches, who are attached to certain clubs, as assistant coaches, is also a recipe for disaster.

“How can you employ people who are attached to certain teams as assistant coaches?

“It does not work because their clubs will always come first when it comes to priorities. “I can give you an example of Dynamos head coach Tonderai Ndiraya.

“A Dynamos loss will give him more headaches than national team one because that is his full-time job.

“When does he get the time to watch Hwange games or even FC Platinum’s games when he is preoccupied with his own team unless when they are playing against Dynamos?

“In the end they end up picking players from their respective clubs because they are the ones whose fitness, they are aware of, and also to keep players from their clubs fit.

“This results in good players not being selected.

“There are many coaches in Zimbabwe who are unattached, and these are the people who should be getting these jobs.

“Loga has not been in the country for quite some time and had to rely on people whose loyalty is first and foremost with their clubs.

“That’s not good for the country at all.”

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