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Mubaiwa trial deferred Marry Mubaiwa

Prosper Dembedza Herald Correspondent

The trial for Marry Mubaiwa on charges of attempting to kill her ex-husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, by unplugging his life support system in a South African hospital hit a snag following indications that the State’s witness deputy minister of Health and Child Care Dr John Mangwiro is in Egypt on national duty.

This prompted the magistrate to postpone the matter to September 13 for trial continuation.

The deputy minister on the last sitting told the court that he caught her red handed while holding the tube on the Vice President’s chest.

He said this prompted him to ask the Vice President what was going on since he was crying out for help and he told him that Mubaiwa was pulling the tube and it was painful.

The deputy minister who is also the VP’s personal doctor further submitted in his evidence in chief that he heard the VP crying out for help while in the intensive care unit after Mubaiwa tried to pull out an intravenous life saving tube.

He said Mubaiwa tried by all means to make sure that Vice President is dead.

Mubaiwa is facing charges of attempting to kill the Vice President in South Africa.

Deputy Minister Mangwiro told the court that Mubaiwa used to visit the Vice President with a white guy called Bruce who was purported to be a medical doctor but in actual fact it was discovered that he was veterinary doctor after at one point the security  found him operating an eye of a python at his surgery.

Dr Mangwiro said at one point he was disappointed when Mubaiwa took the Vice President into a hotel while he was in need of immediate hospitalisation.

Deputy Minister Mangwiro told the court that after noticing that Mubaiwa was refusing to have the VP booked in hospital, he phoned President Mnangagwa who then told him to try and convince her to have him admitted at a hospital.

“The President said continue to look after him and negotiate with her (Mubaiwa) and take him to the hospital. We were in a hotel where there was no equipment to resuscitate the patient and he could have died” he said.

He said he had to report Mubaiwa’s actions to President Mnangagwa through a phone call and that is when they arranged a great escape and transferred the VP to China for further medical attention.

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