Mubaiwa demands US$40k for upkeep Marry Mubaiwa

Yeukai Karengezeka Court Correspondent

Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Acting President Constantino Chiwenga, has demanded US$40 000 for her upkeep, as well as annual international and regional holidays with spending money.

The couple is embroiled in an acrimonious divorce following Mubaiwa’s alleged attempt on the life of the Acting President, while he was hospitalised in South Africa.

Mubaiwa was recently granted bail after spending weeks in remand prison on charges of fraud, externalisation of foreign currency and money laundering.

In her claim in reconvention to Acting President Chiwenga’s application for divorce filed last month, Mubaiwa is demanding US$40 000 for her upkeep and US$7 500 per month for her three children pegged at the interbank rate.

“Defendant claims in reconvention maintenance for the three minor children, the equivalent of US$7 500 calculated at the interbank rate prevailing on the date of payment until each child attains the age of majority or becomes self-supporting,” read the papers filed at the High Court on Tuesday.

“The defendant claims in reconvention personal maintenance in an amount equivalent to US$40 000 per month, payable in Zimbabwe dollars calculated at the interbank rate prevailing on the date of payment until her death or remarriage.”

In addition, Mubaiwa is asking the court to order Acting President Chiwenga to pay for the children’s holidays, school and medical expenses and clothes.

“That plaintiff pays for the defendant and her children annual holidays; one fully expensed international holiday per annum at a five-star facility, inclusive of spending money of not less than the equivalent of US$25 000, one fully expensed regional holiday per annum at a five-star facility inclusive of spending money of not less than the equivalent of US$15 000, one fully expensed local holiday per annum and spending money of not less than US$25 000 per person.”

Acting President Chiwenga, responding to Mubaiwa’s recent urgent application for custody of the children, asked the court to dismiss the application, accusing the ex-model of being a drug addict.

Mubaiwa is further demanding compensation for the injuries she sustained in Bulawayo before the 2018 harmonised elections. She also wants the Acting President to meet the costs for reconstructive surgery and all other medically-associated costs arising from the injuries she suffered.

In this regard, she wants to be provided with an internationally recognised medical aid cover until her death.

Meanwhile, Acting President Chiwenga has opposed Mubaiwa’s application to return to Number 614 Nick Price Drive, Borrowdale Brooke.

His lawyers, Manase and Manase, are arguing that the prosecution was not aware that she had two other valid passports when bail was argued.

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