Mpofu to nurture new talent


Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent
Musician Dereck Mpofu is set to nurture new talent after he recently opened his own recording studio. The studio was opened early this month and is set to record different artists from different genres.

Mpofu, also known as the “Green Ambassador”, is an accomplished instrumentalist, vocal coach and producer. He said the studio will give an opportunity to nurture new talent to both old and young.

In an interview with The Herald Review, he said: “I am optimistic that this studio will go a long in nurturing new talent as well as help grow the music industry through a versatile producer with years of experience”.

Mpofu honed his skills working for Nguva Yakwana Records which was then owned by gospel diva Ivy Kombo and has also worked with Clive Mono Mukundu.

“I got my production skills at Nguva Yakwana Records in the mid 2000s under Ivy Kombo straight from school and perfected them under Clive Mono Mukundu who I have been working with and will continue to work with as he helped me set up this new studio,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mpofu is set to launch his new album in February which will see a number of churches taking part on the new project.

“The album is titled ‘Churches go green’. This is in line with our quest to rope in churches to speak the environmental message with one voice in a way any congregation understands and is familiar with and also implore with church leaders leading authoritatively as custodians of the children of God,” he said.

Mpofu highlighted that a number of churches had already shown interest in the initiative and have confirmed their participation.

“We would like to thank the Roman Catholic Church, Reformed Church of Zimbabwe, United Church of Christ, Celebration Church, Light House who have already confirmed participation on the ‘And the Church goes Green’ album to be released on the 26th of February 2016,” he said.

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