Mozambique implored to lobby for UN reform President Mnangagwa

Zvamaida Murwira

Senior Reporter

Mozambique should leverage on its tenure as a non-permanent member in the United Nations Security Council to foster justice and peace as well as help lobby for the reform of the world body to reflect the multi-polar and geo-political factors, said President Mnangagwa on Tuesday.

Speaking during a State banquet for visiting Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, in Zimbabwe for a State visit to deepen economic cooperation, President Mnangagwa said: “At the global stage, we must continue to advocate for the reform of the United Nations, especially the UN Security Council, to make it more reflective of the multi-polar world and present global geo-political realities.

“We are also confident that Mozambique will use its tenure in the United Nations Security Council to foster the ideals of a just, prosperous and peaceful world,” said President Mnangagwa.

Mozambique became a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in January this year, to run for two years and be the council president for March this year.

The Security Council consists of 15 countries, five of them are permanent members with the right to veto: China, Russia, France, Britain and United States. The other 10 are elected for two year terms, five each year, to represent regions.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe and Mozambique continue to enjoy good and fruitful bilateral relations, epitomised by interactions at various levels, including at the highest political level.

“The socio-economic, political and cultural relations between our two countries are built on a solid and unshakeable foundation.

“This was laid before and during our fight for independence, freedom and democracy. We consider the people of Mozambique our dearest family, brothers, sisters, comrades and cherished friends,” said President Mnangagwa.

“We must continue to build on the strong legacy of comradeship, which has transformed to become a mutually beneficial bilateral relationship.”

The President said he cherished his visit to Mozambique in April last year, where several agreements were signed.

“To this end, we remain committed to the bilateral framework, which must enable us to jointly monitor the implementation of the various projects and programmes. Our pursuit of new areas of cooperation and partnerships is critical.

“I note with satisfaction that our strategic partnership in critical areas such as agriculture, water resource management, transport, tourism, energy as well as defence and security, continue to flourish.” “This State visit will undoubtedly give impetus to trade and investment, which must be led by the private sector which is an indispensable driver of economic growth.

“I commend you, Your Excellency, for bringing along a strong contingent of members of your private sector.

“I, therefore, challenge the private sector of both Zimbabwe and Mozambique to take advantage of our relations and frameworks within our region, to accelerate expansion of markets in the African Continental Free Trade Area and beyond.”

Zimbabwe and Mozambique, said President Mnangagwa, are geographically intertwined and there is need to leverage that proximity to advance and expand cooperation in infrastructure investment and development.

Furthermore, the ongoing growth of the two countries’ economies requires increased supply of energy, said the President.

“In this respect, allow me to express my sincere gratitude for the assistance Zimbabwe continues to receive from Mozambique in the energy sector.

“We are also appreciative of the investment opportunities that have been extended to us in new energy projects that stand to benefit, not only Zimbabwe, but our SADC region as a whole.”

In his response, President Nyusi commended the support from Zimbabwe and other African countries to be elected into the UN Security Council and pledged to work for the betterment of the continent.

“I am pleased to humbly reiterate our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the people and government of Mozambique and on my own behalf, for the support in the election of Mozambique as a non-permanent member in the UNSC.

“I know that you were one of those who campaigned for Mozambique to be elected and its true because Mozambique was unanimously elected,” said President Nyusi.

“Regarding this matter, as you might be aware, we have prioritised debate of issues of interest not only for Mozambique, but of concern to the African continent and SADC in particular, and in March, we exercised the monthly and rotational chairmanship of that body where we scheduled debate on climate change, gender, terrorism, peace-building and the need for peaceful settlement of conflict in international system particularly Russia-Ukraine conflict.”

President Nyusi said Mozambique remains a partner and a safe, viable choice for the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe. Mozambique would continue to place road, railway and port infrastructure at the service of the Zimbabwean economy.

“Indeed, the government of Mozambique has been making investments intended to improve the quality of infrastructure and services in the national ports, railways and roads.

“In the power sector, we want to continue to be a safe and a predictable source of energy for the Zimbabwean economy by supplying reliable and quality energy, thus, enabling to deepen integration and interdependence of our economies,” said President Nyusi.

“I want to reiterate my encouragement to the private sector of the two economies in harnessing the potential offered by the two countries. The private sector must be proactive. It should extend its network of partnership to increase production and productivity and contribute to the socio economic well-being of our people.”

The event was attended by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, Zanu PF Second Secretary and Vice President Cde Kembo Mohadi, Politburo members, diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe and senior Government officials.

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