Motira increases tractor production

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The Herald

Company and the Iranian Foreign Investment Company, has increased its tractor production to 68 units this year, up from 56 units assembled last year.

In an interview with the Herald Business during the official handover of tractors to members of the War Veterans’ Association by Motira on Monday, the company’s commercial executive, Mr Brian Mushohwe, said production had gone up thanks to improvements in the economy and the company’s penetration into the market.
He also added that they have also ventured into the assembly of generators and other agricultural equipment.

“Motira is not only about tractors because we are now also assembling generators as well as producing agricultural implements such as disc harrows, planters and ploughs.
“Plans to establish a foundry plant are also underway and but before we create the plant we need to build a market first and locally the signs are encouraging. We are also planning to penetrate the regional market,” he said.

Mr Mushohwe indicated that it was critical for them to establish a market for the products first before they created the foundry plant.
When established the foundry plant is targeted at producing about 5 000 units per annum.
He added that as local producers they are facing quite a number of challenges, which include the liquidity crunch and competition from low quality imports.

The company was launched last year following a US$4 million grant extended to the Government by the Iranian government.
Motira specialises in assembling tractors from completely knocked down kits imported from Iran.
Apart from assembling, producing and selling tractors Motira also offers after-sales services support of the whole range of tractors and implements of the same brand.

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