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Mother of Peace gets early Xmas present

05 Dec, 2017 - 00:12 0 Views

The Herald

Ropafadzo Ndangariro Mutare Bureau
Ecobank has donated $5 000 to Mother of Peace Community orphanage in Mutoko as part of the Ecobank Day celebrations. The donation is meant to ensure that the orphanage has access to clean drinking water.

Speaking during an interview over the weekend, Ecobank project manager Mr Tichaona Gandanhamo said the bank was willing to work with different communities to ensure that children live a healthy, good life. Clean water, he said, will help reduce diseases such as typhoid and cholera.

“The significance of this donation is coming from Ecobank’s direction of corporate social responsibility this year, which is focusing on providing clean and safe drinking water to children, which is the theme we have adopted this year. This is being done across 33 African countries to work with communities to provide to children; so for Mother of Peace, this is an orphanage looking after children,” said Mr Gandanhamo.

Not only will the financial institution help resuscitate a borehole tank at the orphanage, it will also try to treat the water with support from its partners. Apart from the $5 000, Ecobank also donated foodstuffs worth $2 000, including clothes and toys.

“We have worked with Mother of Peace for the past two years. We have also worked with Chitungwiza General Hospital maternity, where today we are donating consumables, drugs to the maternity home and oxygen equipment to make sure that we help in reducing child mortality, and help, through provision of chemicals, the mothers of these children to make sure that they give their children safe water to drink,” said Mr Gandanhamo.

“We also work with Sigombe School in Bulawayo, where we are focusing more on education and also safe drinking water,” he said.

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