More than 1500 women and girls affected by armed conflict benefit from dignity kits in Cabo Delgado

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More than 1500 women and girls affected by armed conflict benefit from dignity kits in Cabo Delgado

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UN Women

An estimated 1.3 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection in Mozambique's three northern provinces – Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula – due to the conflict in Cabo Delgado. About 670,000 people were internally displaced in northern Mozambique by the end of 2020, including at least 580,000 people displaced from their homes in 2020 alone. Women and girls were the majority of the displaced and were in urgent need of dignity kits to help minimize their transition process until a final destination is identified or their places of origin are safe to return to.

In response, more than 500 women and adolescent girls affected by the armed conflict in Cabo Delgado benefited from dignity kits in the resettlement centres of Cua and Chiure-Velho, an initiative implemented by UN Women with the Provincial Services for Social Affairs, supported by Direct Relief in efforts to put women at the center of humanitarian response.

The kits are composed of personal hygiene items necessary for women and girls as they continue in resettlement centers after being forced to flee their places of origin in search of safety.

This support follows the first solidarity mission, headed by UN Women Head of Agency Marie Laetitia, targeting 1000 women and girls from the transition center located in the capital city of Pemba, where partners including the Provincial Director of Social Services and Gender Advisor, the District Local Administrator, the Provincial Delegate of National Institute for Disaster Management and implementing partner Promura allocated items to alleviate the impact on women and girls.

The initiatives are part of ongoing efforts from UN Women in Mozambique to provide a consolidated response to the impact of armed conflict in the province which effects women and girls to a greater degree. These efforts include a call for USD 10 million needed for survivors.

While the agency mobilizes resources under Women, Peace and Security, UN Women is working closely with the Agency for Integrated Development of the northern region currently building dignified houses in Ancuabe district near one of the resettlement centers. Women who benefit from the houses are trained and participate in the construction process.

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