More creative art seminars needed: Jena From (left) Tapiwanashe Mushai (Akil-Tech), Albert Zanganembo ( Bashmouth) and Blessing Jena (Havok ZW).

Arts Reporter

After seeing the need to empower, educate and equip artistes from both Zimbabwe and the region, South African-based Zimbabwean arts organisation, HavokZW, in collaboration with Akil-Tech Inc, hosted a creative seminar to hear the possible solutions and ways to help the sector grow. 

Dubbed the creative arts seminar, the inaugural six-hour event was held in Cape Town, South Africa, recently and attracted about 29 enthusiastic creatives and business people from South Africa (Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg) and Zimbabwe. 

In an interview with The Herald Arts, host Zimbabwean Blessing Jena said there was need not only to empower and educate creatives, but to continue mobilising and hosting more seminars so as to know collaborations, ideas and possible solutions to improve the industry regionally. 

“The seminar was held in Cape Town by Zimbabweans and had a special panel and list of speakers who have excelled in their respective lines of work,” he said. 

“The speakers included renowned radio and festival DJ Albert Zangamebo, affectionately known as Bashmouth, fashion brand owner Tapiwanashe, Evans Rusike of the Makare Urban Apparel, high flying singer and record producer Sean Marshal Konikere better known as KSG Di Don and Innocent Madanha also known as Inuh Tee a seasoned cinematographer.” 

The contributors included Hillary Vierus the CEO at Infinite Media, Petros Chimombe — DJ better known as DJ Pliez , Tererai Guidance Mudimu a digital marketing strategist, Tapiwanashe Mushai the managing director at Akil-Tech Inc and Simba Saini a former Thomas Mapfumo band member. 

Jena said it took them six hours to discuss the measures, solutions and problems faced in the region. 

“The six-hour seminar had discussions that included fashion and brand connections, digital marketing, AI technology adoption, professionalism, artist registration and music entertainment structure proposal,” he said. 

“After a thorough review of the points raised, the general consensus was to be made that a new organisation that can oversee all the problems and planning be formed. 

“The organisation will be an opening towards more great projects to come as we seek to establish a successful structure for creatives living in South Africa and around the world.”

Jena said plans were already in place to take the seminar to Johannesburg and Pretoria as there was a need for creatives living in these areas to meet and learn new things about the entertainment industry with the latest technologies. 

“Our dream is to spread everywhere,” he said. “After we are done with South Africa, our vision is to go to different countries in Africa to understand how they work and how we too can cope up. We are soon going to hold one back home.” 

Jena said he was happy with the turnout. 

Asked about the vision behind the seminar, Jena said one of the major reasons for holding such seminars was to collaborate artists, unite the entertainment society and drive a network of creatives to build better entertainment brands. “We are based in South Africa but art is art, wherever you go. Somehow it seems we face the same challenges,” he said. 

“We need to collaborate and unite as one whether you are from Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe or Zambia among other countries. We need to drive a network of creatives and build better brands. Art is not only about music, but a lot is happening in the fashion world, visual and film industry, hence the seminar had all representatives from various disciplines.”

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