‘Mopao Mokonzi’ turns around Young Igwe’s fortunes

‘Mopao Mokonzi’ turns around Young Igwe’s fortunes Peter Moyo
Peter Moyo

Peter Moyo

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Despite being one of the most sought-after bands during the days of the late Tongai Moyo, the Utakataka Express ship was sinking under the reign of his son Peter.

Peter’s first two albums “Mushonga Mukuru” and “Mabasa AMwari” could not yield much results and it seemed the band was doomed.

Band member exodus was the order of the day as they all lamented poor remuneration. However, the Young Igwe, as Peter is fondly known, seems to be feasting on his new album “Mopao Mokonzi” that has brought back listeners to the old gold days of Utakataka Express.

Songs “Musara Pavana” and “Kurera Haisi Nyore” have managed to convince several people that the young musician has found the right direction.

Moyo has been on a national tour taking his new offering to the people and the response has been overwhelming.

He confirmed that his fortunes have been turned by the new offering. “To be honest I never thought the album will turn our fortunes like this. The response is overwhelming and people are coming to our shows,” he said.

The turnout at his shows has boosted and he intends to acquire a new PA system from a local company. “This album has just done good enough for me and we have already made an agreement with a local music company for a state of the art PA system,’ he said.

Some of the tracks on the album are “Mweya Mutsvene”, “Musara Pavana”, “Kurera Haizinyore”, “Mudiwa Wangu”, “Baba NaMai” and “Muridzi Weupenyu”.

For some time he had not been performing at some of the big venues in the capital but after the new album he is gunning for bigger venues.

On Sunday he hosts a family show at Las Vergas in Southerton and it becomes his first biggest gig after the launch of his album.

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