Mookomba, Anibel close JMI festival Mookomba

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Victoria FALLS-based musical outfit Mookomba and Mary Anibel put up a scintillating performance during the closing ceremony of the JMI festival which was held at Emagumeni, Helensvale, Harare last Friday.

The festival was held from September 18-22, bringing together the world of youth and music to explore the future, build bridges, strengthen collaboration, and create all kinds of awesome.

The programme saw performances from the Yenge Family, Music Crossroads Zimbabwe Academy, Sounds of Africa, Mary Anibel, and Mookomba with seminars and workshops also taking place.

In the keynote, topical discussion included, “The State of Music in Africa” by Eddie Hatitye (Music in Africa Foundation) who is one of the most recognisable young cultural operators in Africa.

Hatitye has been actively involved in the arts and culture sector, for more than 10 years, contributing immensely to the establishment of key structures on the continent, while artistic director, Walter Wanyanya (Jacaranda Festival) specialised on “Africa Rising.” Seasoned musician and composer Clive Mono Mukundu conducted a workshop on “Tuku Forever,” where he shared his experience and achievements while working with the brand.

There was also a panel discussion on, “The Remarkable Roles of African Music Festivals,” which was hosted by Paulo Chibanga (Azgo Festival — Mozambique), Tamanda Mbendera (Festival Institute — Malawi) and Maria “Vera” Chisvo (Shoko Festival — Zimbabwe) who explored the many roles of African music festivals and what they can do to support the development of the next generation of African musical giants.

Again delegates had an opportunity to collaborate on the arts sector issues closest to their hearts and, looking to the future and preparing collective approaches to take advantage of the changing times we are living through.

Not to be left out was the music workshop on, “Mbira Magic”, with Trust Mutekwa, a teacher who has been working with the mbira instrument for more than 20 years.

He created Ticha Muzavazi’s Nyunga Mbira Handbook which has made life easy for mbira teachers and students. The climax of the festival was the concert held at different locations such as Sherwood Golf Club, Emagumeni, and Gava’s Restaurant.

The highly-ended closing show saw people from all walks of life.

Mookomba and Anibel had a good day in the office, leaving fans clamouring for more.

“I enjoyed the performances, I travelled as far as Highfields and it was worthwhile. I am a staunch fan of Mookomba and couldn’t miss any show of them,” said Steven Gobvu.

“The environment was welcoming and I only managed to attend the closing ceremony of the festival.”

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