Mobile base stations to resume normal service as load-shedding eases

22 Aug, 2019 - 00:08 0 Views
Mobile base stations to resume normal service as load-shedding eases Minister Kazembe

The Herald

Masvingo Correspondent
Network challenges will soon end following an improvement in electricity availability that will ensure uninterrupted power supply at base stations, a Cabinet minister has said.

Information Communication Technology and Courier Services Minister Kazembe Kazembe hailed the move by the Government, through the Ministry of Energy and Power Development, to reduce electricity load-shedding.

He said this would indirectly restore operations of telecommunication base stations and address network challenges currently affecting all economic sectors.

“Telecommunication base stations depend on power supply,” said Minister Kazembe. “Power interruptions due to load-shedding had an adverse effect on our base stations, resulting in poor mobile and internet networks in sectors such as banking, agriculture, mining, among others.”

Minister Kazembe said online financial transfers such as EcoCash, Zipit and swipe will now be back on track following Government efforts to restore power supply across the nation.

“For telecommunication base stations to relay data to each other, all of them need adequate power supply,” he said. “Now, because of interrupted power the base stations could not complete their circle of information transfers.”

Minister Kazembe said there was need to consider solar energy at every base station.

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