Mliswa divisive, says report

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Mliswa divisive, says report

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TEMBA-MLISWATakunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
OUSTED Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Cde Temba Mliswa was a divisive element who covertly sought to reshuffle party structures in the province replacing them with proxies.
A petition by the Mashonaland West provincial executive against Cde Mliswa’s leadership alleges the disposed provincial chairman attempted to reshuffle elected positions in the provincial executive by imposing proxies, especially in the youth and women’s leagues.

“Your general administration of the province leaves a lot to be desired. Since your ascendancy to the chairmanship, the province has not known peace and neither has the party implemented any tangible projects to consolidate our stranglehold in the province.

“You have tried many times to purge and eliminate any progressive elements by unilaterally making decisions which in terms of the party’s constitution must be made by the provincial executive,” reads the petition.

“During the National Youth Conference a number of MPs from the province mobilised resources to enable them to have a hiccup free conference but you lambasted everyone who had dared to assist and called them all sorts of names . . . At the National Youth Conference you personally took charge of the youth basically to ensure that everything suits your selfish exigencies. You are a very divisive individual who tramples on the party constitution.”

The petition claimed Cde Mliswa funded some youths without the knowledge of the provincial executive to set up district structures and to co-opt new chairpersons to districts. This was reportedly done without the knowledge of national political commissar Cde Webster Shamu.

“You interfere with impunity in every provincial organ of the party, including the Women’s League. You have persistently tried to make changes to their executive to suit your exigencies and attend their meetings without being invited thereby stifling progress and articulation of their issues.

“You impose your will on their activities which is contrary to the constitution and ideals of the party. On several occasions you have left the provincial women’s league chairlady in tears in front of her executive. You have openly attacked her at meetings claiming that she is not working,” reads the petition.

It added: “Further, most meetings by the main wing of the party have always degenerated into chaos and squabbling due to your intransigence and pomposity. At every given chance you chide any perceived political foes.

“A case in point is the meeting of 29 September 2014 whereat you demeaned and defamed the political leadership of Mashonaland West and the nation by labelling them corrupt and some gay gangsters. This was uncalled for, especially coming from someone who is expected to uphold and preserve the principles of the party . . . Such conduct which is not befitting of a provincial chairman disgraced us as a province.”

In the petition, the provincial executive also accused Cde Mliswa of threatening to send illegal settlers to occupy Cde Peter Haritatos’ farm in a bid to settle political scores.

They claimed Cde Mliswa had become a law unto himself.

“What this proves is that you are the law unto yourself and what you decree is the law, notwithstanding the existence of the party constitution which you have thrown into the dustbin.

“You have even gone as far as imposing the slogan ‘Pamberi ne Presidium’ yet there is no such thing outside of congress. A case in point is the unilateral decision to even suspend Cdes Mutsvangwa and Marumahoko from the provincial executive without affording them a chance to be heard, contrary to the principles of natural justice clearly articulated in the party’s constitution.”

The provincial executive members made claims that Cde Mliswa worked not only with the Americans but even with MDC activists to weaken Zanu-PF in Mashonaland West.

“You have attacked fellow MPs for no apparent reason and have even joined hands with well-known MDC activists in a bid to try to decampaign party MPs. A case in point is that of Hon Dr Godfrey Gandawa in whose constituency you have vowed to hold a rally to decampaign him in favour of one Kasemamuriwo, an MDC activist.

“This is the highest level of treachery and deviance which must not be condoned and further buttress our assertion that the net effect of your actions is to weaken the party,” reads the petition.

It went on: “Your conduct is at complete variance with the sanctioned duties of party members. Your affinity for unnecessary attention and drama has drawn the party into disrepute and placed us under unwarranted scrutiny.

“Your defiance of party directives and policies have rendered you a renegade who is not loyal to the party.”

The provincial executive also accused Cde Mliswa of associating with Americans. Yesterday Cde Mliswa claimed to have not seen the petitition.

“I have not seen the petition. It did not come through the office. Why do you not wait as Cde Paradza is releasing a statement today,” he said.

Cde Kindness Paradza is the Zanu-PF Mashonaland West secretary for information. He was not reachable on his mobile phone.


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