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Mixed feelings over proposed football return

18 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views
Mixed feelings over proposed football return

The Herald

Takudzwa Chitsiga

Sports Reporter

ZIFA Northern Region Division One League chairman, Martin Kweza, says they are ready for a resumption of football but believes their programme should start next year.

This week, the Government provided the biggest hint that football could return, at some point, this year.

“As a region, I think we are always ready for the season,’’ said Kweza.

“There will be ample time to prepare, if we are given the greenlight, as it will not be a one-off thing that you are cleared today and, tomorrow, you resume the league.

“The teams have been maintaining their grounds, as per our recommendations, and I don’t think that will be a major challenge.

“We may have one or two stadiums, which might not be up to standard but, I believe, there is room for improvement.

“For a mini-league, I think it’s possible, while the league can begin, at least, in February next year.

“We cannot manage to host all those matches during the rain season.’’

Davison Muchena, the ZIFA Eastern Region chairman, said they were prepared to start and were waiting for the guidelines from the ministry.

“In our region, at least, three stadiums need to be upgraded as they do not have the required standards,’’ said Muchena.

“If the recommendations are that we need to play behind closed doors, it will be a challenge, as some stadiums do not have pre-cast walls.

“There are, however, some stadiums which have been upgraded like Sakubva, Bikita Minerals, Green Fuels and Chishamiso.’’

ZIFA Central Region chairman, Stanley Chapeta, said they will have to consult the teams FIRST.

“Before the lockdown, we were sure that all the teams were ready but, at the moment, we are not sure,” he said.

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