Mixed bag at Zimdancehall Cup-clash

Arts Correspondent 

It was a weekend of a mixed bag in Harare after a team of high-profile disc jockeys and Zimdancehall artistes converged for a cup-clash attended by thousands of fans at the City Sports Centre.

On the line-up of disc jockeys were Dj Fantan, Templeman, Etherton B and PTK, while for musicians it was Seh Calaz, Ndunge Yut, Jah Master, Hwinza, Master H, Hwindi President and Culture Love, among others.

Hosted by arts promoter Patson Chimbodza, affectionately as Chipaz in the music circles, the concert was dubbed ‘Cup-Clash’ and it was mainly for the Djs, ‘square off-clashing’, but it ended up as a Zimdancehall show.

The show kick-started at around 8pm and Culture Love opened the gig with his energy as he thrilled fans, while dishing out hit song “Kwedu”.

He was then called back to the stage three times after fans requested for him.

After Culture Love, the DJs were then called on stage and Dj Fantan was the first to perform and he thrilled the masses with his energy.

At the end of the match, Etherton B was named as the best Dj.

In the wee hours after the Djs clash ended, many other Zimdancehall artistes took to the stage.

Many of them performed well, but an upcoming star, Master H, born Hilary Marufu, stole the show and he was called back to the stage five times.

The fast-rising Zimdancehall chanter is promising to be a star in the future, with some Djs believing he is a candidate to fill up the void left by the late Soul Jah Love.

Master H, who was born and bred in Mbare, said he was happy to take part on such a big stage.

“I’m very happy to be called a copycat to the late Soul Jah Love, this shows that I’m working very hard,” he said. “I’m very optimistic that in the future I will be one of the best artistes in Zimbabwe, I’m promising my fans some fireworks, right now I’m loaded with thousands of songs.” 

Prominent and versatile music producer Dj Fantan said he saw the resemblance of the late hero Soul Jah Love in rising star Master H.

He said if Master H was to be nurtured well, he would be the next big thing.

“Master H is very talented, he can be one of the best Zimdancehall artistes in Zimbabwe if he receives proper guidance,” said DJ Fantan. “If he is mentored very well he can reach the level of the late Soul Jah Love, I saw his raw talent.”

Dj Fantan later encouraged aspiring and established musicians to stay away from drugs.

“As a music producer who mentored so many artistes, I’m very worried about some artistes who are abusing drugs. Let’s say no to drugs and violence,” said Dj Fantan.

Some fans have also credited comedian Pogba as one of the best chanters with his antics and hard-hitting lines.

The gig was exceptional and over-subscribed which shows the broad fan base of the Zimdancehall genre.

Organisers of the show said they are happy that the Zimdancehall genre is growing and here to stay.

“I’m very happy by the way the Zimdancehall sector is growing as you can see the turnout of the fans.

“The genre is now the most influential genre right now and it is on top of many other genres,” said Chipaz.

Chipaz also said that these types of shows are essential for talent searching and expose some new talents.

He added that as a music promoter, he has a target of seeing some new names produced every year.

“You know these types of shows are very important because they can help us to search talent, so as music promoters, we have a target of introducing some new talents every year,” he said.

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