Mission to implant  truth-seekers Ayatollah Khamenei

Herald Correspondent

The recent epistolary communication from Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei to the dutiful and respectable students who are standing behind the Palestinians in the United States is a representation of Iranian empathy and unity with their anti-Zionist demonstrations. 

The letter also demonstrates the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s attention to this outstanding action. 

For many Western students, the contents of the letter may not have reached them but reaching many people worldwide, this might have happened particularly because of the mainstream media propaganda and its apparatus of censorship and repression.

Ayatollah Khamenei anticipated that as he rightly pointed that “the global Zionist elite who owns most US and European media corporations or influences them through funding and bribery has labelled this courageous, humane resistance movement as terrorism”.

Interestingly, one of the original parts of the letter introduces the new geography of resistance and describes the protesting American students as a component of the great resistance front in a location remote from West Asia. 

This demonstrates the opposition front’s intellectual and geographic growth under the direction of its worldwide commander, Ayatollah Khamenei. 

The majority-non-Muslims protesting students in the US have joined the resistance movement in a new region and have created a fresh strategy to uphold Palestine’s independence by denouncing the genocide in Gaza. 

Fighting the dictatorship of western globalists and working to put an end to the Israeli racist terrorist network’s flagrant cruelty, which includes subjecting the Palestinian people to the worst kinds of torture and coercion, are the defining characteristics of why university students are aroused.

While read in various contexts and different dimensions, what proved to be Ayatollah Khamenei’s characteristic advice to the American students in the letter was for protesting students to acquaint themselves with the Quran’s teachings.

This is so because the students have voluntarily chosen the path of honesty and righteousness and are now aware of the lies and hypocrisy of their own rulers, hence aiming to help revive and implant in them a sense of truth-seeking. 

This letter was timed well, as the majority of the global population today detest and are repulsed by Israel’s atrocities and the genocide against Palestinians. 

Furthermore, the leader’s paternal advice portrayed to the protesting American students how honourable and conscientious individuals they have become.

Part of what the Supreme Leader sought to inculcate in Western students was to raise the political consciousness and alertness so they build good character and reputation in ensuring justice in the world.

The leader of the Islamic Revolution informs the American students that the oppressive global system is changing, which is another significant topic in this message. 

Ayatollah Khamenei aptly puts it that the global awakening of consciences, the disclosure of the truth, and the fortification of the resistance front are the causes of this transformation.

It is in these remarks that it has become clear that the current world order will have to change because of the protesting students, and West Asia will produce the prototype of a just order. 

If they are convinced that “the passing of history” is happening, then students from dozens of American institutions, accompanied and assisted by academics, can have an impact on the process of creating a new order.

The way the US has responded to the protests expose the real nature of America as the principal benefactor of Israeli war crimes which it has supported politically, economically, militarily, and even arming it with nuclear weapons.

However and in whichever way the US has supported Israel, it has ventilated its mission to continue carry on with its cruelty, terror and repression. From this, the US administration continues to be more dishonest than truthful in its pronouncements about the horrific crimes committed in Gaza, crafting sanctions against the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor and saying by attacking Rafah and killing civilians, Israel has not “crossed the red line”.

It is no longer surprising why many Jews across the world no longer feel represented by the Zionist regime, it is so because of the crimes it has committed against the oppressed Palestinian people. Even in religious terms, what the Benjamin Netanyahu war cabinet is “against the guidance of divine prophets and the teachings of the Torah”. 

Knowing the intolerance of the West to alternative views and reactions against truth, Ayatollah Khamenei profoundly thanked the students and their professors for being courageous in the face of brutality rewarded with impunity.

“The support and solidarity of your professors is a significant and consequential development. This can offer some measure of comfort in the face of your government’s police brutality and the pressures it is exerting on you. 

“I too am among those who empathise with you young people, and value your perseverance,” he wrote.

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