Minister installs Mbire’s Chief Matsiwo

Minister installs Mbire’s Chief Matsiwo
Abedinico Ncube

Abedinico Ncube

From Tendai Mugabe in MBIRE
Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of Culture and Heritage Minister Abedinico Ncube, yesterday installed Mr Chinheza Chigwajara as substantive Chief Matsiwo in Mbire after several attempts by some bigwigs in Mashonaland Central Province to frustrate his inauguration. The Matsiwo chieftainship fell vacant following the death of Mr Francis Chirume in 2011. Mr Chirume’s son Christopher was the acting chief until the expiry of his acting period in May 2015.

Since then there was no substantive chief in the area. Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs Advocate Martin Dinha, said there were attempts by some senior politicians in the province to foil the installation of Mr Chigwajara as Chief Matsiwo for political ends.

He said the politicians tried to tarnish the image of Mr Chigwajara by making unsubstantiated claims that he was a member of the MDC-T and at times he was branded a member of the cabal that was expelled from zanu-pf, which was commonly referred to as the Gamatox.

“There is a group of people here who say if you hold a divergent view from them they label you an MDC-T or Gamatox member,” he said.

“I know these people were frustrating the installation of chief Matsiwo for their political reasons. I urge people of Mbire to stop labelling people who hold divergent views from yours.

“The new Chief Matsiwo is not a member of MDC-T or Gamatox as alleged. He was vetted and you heard him confessing that he does not belong to those political formations. Go and tell those who choose not to be part of this gathering that Chief Matsiwo has been inaugurated and he is already discharging his duties as enshrined in our Constitution.”

Minister Dinha implored the people of Mbire to focus on the development of their area and not to be involved in factional politics.

He urged Minister Ncube’s ministry to resume annual chiefs conferences saying they were vital in enabling traditional leaders to have direct interface with the national leadership.

Minister Dinha said he was also saddened by the increasing cases of rape in Mbire area. Minister Ncube said chiefs were appointed in terms of section 3 (1) of the Traditional Leaders Act (Chapter 29:17).

“Traditional leaders play a central role in development of their communities through sub-district structures such as village assemblies, ward assemblies, Government departments and non-governmental organisations,” said Minister Ncube.

“I would like to urge the new chief to discharge his duties with diligence and fairness. In the same vein I would like to remind you that you are the burden bearer of your people, hence, you should exhibit selfless and exemplary leadership.”

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