Mini hydro scheme for Odzani

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Mini hydro scheme for Odzani IDBZ offices in Harare

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Kudakwahse Mhundwa Property Reporter
The Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IBDZ) says it is ready to conduct a detailed feasibility study on the Manicaland Odzani-Mini Hydroelectric power project, which is expected to be a contributor to the national grid.

The project which is located in Mutasa district near the Odzani River is expected to generate about 3,6 megawatts as the country currently spends at least $10 million monthly on power imports as production remains short of demand.

In a statement released yesterday, the state infrastructure bank said pre-feasibility studies on the proposed Odzani project had already been concluded and what is left is conducting detailed studies on the project.

“IBDZ recently concluded a pre-feasibility study for the proposed Odzani Mini-hydroelectric Power Project and now wants to undertake the detailed feasibility study and the detailed environmental and social impact assessment,” read part of the statement.

IDBZ has also announced that it is tendering work to be done in terms of feasibility studies on the project.

“The IDBZ now invites eligible, regional and international consulting firms to indicate their interest in providing consultancy services for the detailed feasibility study which will include technical analysis to ascertain technical viability, financial analysis, economic analysis, social and environmental assessments.

“The consultant shall analyse the technical, legal, financial, economic and regulatory aspects of the project. In undertaking the assignment consultants shall also review all existing reports and documentation regarding Odzani. The work shall include but not limited to assessment of demand and supply dynamics in the Zimbabwean power generation sector, global trends in the energy sector, technical feasibility of the project, hydrology, water flows, rock mechanics, institutional analysis, legal and regulatory frameworks, costs analysis and capacity building.”

This comes as the state power utility, Zesa Holdings Limited recently announced plans to tender the $4 billion Batoka-hydro project which is also expected to contribute about 2 400MW, which is also said to be a major contributor to the national grid once completed.

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