‘Mind own business key to success’

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‘Mind own business key to success’ Bazuka

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Crooner and medical practitioner Mabasa “General Bazuka” Ziyambi who is based in Australia says avoiding toxic people and situations helped him to settle overseas.

The singer, who is now in his early 40s, said he has achieved a lot by minding his own business.

Speaking to The Herald Arts from his base in his birthday message, Bazuka said he had no time for petty issues.

“I feel its high time I remind everyone to let go of the negative and toxic people no matter how painful they treated you,” he said. “They may laugh at you, go on a smear campaign against you, accuse you, but they know that you are destined for greatness.”

Music-wise, the Kadoma-bred star said he made remarkable progress this year.

“On the music side, I have seen my fan base rapidly growing and people appreciating my music,” he said. “I have new, caring and understanding people whom I am working with who are well versed with the requirements of my area of influence.

“To all my fellow Zimbabweans, I encourage you all to have strength and believe it will get better. Fellow artistes, I feel ideas are good only when they are shared. Let’s embrace each other and stop being too judgemental.

“I also urge all artistes to avoid back biting and backstabbing each other. Art is dynamic and not everyone appreciates you, so we should respect even those who think we are not doing a good job.  Fighting does not change opinion.

“This year I released an album and I did six high-quality videos, in my opinion. Three videos are already out and they are being well received. I became the first artiste in the diaspora to reach 100 000 views in a month with the song ‘Social Media’.

“I was very impressed by the song and video and it boosted my confidence as an artiste.”

This year, Bazuka defied the Covid-19 pandemic and released a series of polished singles.

One of Bazuka’s major highlights of the year was the release of his single titled “Mhenya”, currently showing on Trace Africa. He has also released another collaboration with Motswana diva Slizer titled “Lockdown”.

Added to that, he also released another single titled “Yarira Ngoma” featuring Australian-based singer Jaison Midzi. Like most peers in the creative sector plying their trade abroad, Bazuka has vowed to continue using his influence and market the country overseas using his talent.

“My message to all my friends, family and fans is I may be very far, but distance is not a barrie. I think of you all with warmth in my heart. No one in this world deserves happiness more than each and every one of you.

“This festive season I will be visiting the motherland and I hope I will be able to perform in Zimbabwe before my tour of New Zealand early next year. I intend to party hard with my friends and relatives, appreciating their efforts in my life. I wish for happiness to prevail every single day.”

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