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Militants advance on Ramadi

Inter5BAGHDAD. — Suspected Islamic State militants launched coordinated attacks yesterday around the western Iraqi city of Ramadi, overrunning a village to the east and clashing with tribal fighters to the west, a local official and a tribal leader said.Ramadi, about 90km west of Baghdad, is located in the Sunni Muslim Anbar province which is a stronghold of the Islamic State forces who have captured much of northern and western Iraq.

The city centre remains under the control of Iraqi government forces but outlying neighbourhoods have been seized by the radical Islamist fighters.
Hathal al-Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar Provincial Council, said yesterday’s attacks started around 3am.

Islamic State fighters took over the village of Al Shujairiya, about 20km east of Ramadi, where fighting was still going on.

Security forces killed 12 militants who tried to storm a mosque and a house close to Shujairiya, said Rafie Fahdawi, a tribal leader.

Police, army and tribal fighters were being sent as reinforcement.

Hathal Fahdawi said there was also fierce fighting to the west of Ramadi, although there were no details of casualties, and clashes to the north and south. — Reuters.

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