Mukudzei Chingwere Midlands Correspondent
MIDLANDS Province is on high cholera alert following the outbreak of the disease in Chegutu and Kadoma at its border with Mashonaland West. Midlands provincial medical director Dr Simon Nyadundu said though there have not been cases recorded in the province, there is a possible risk by virtue of its proximity to the affected areas.

Dr Nyadundu said emergence teams in the province were ready for any eventuality and they are already treating every diarrhoea case with suspicion. “We have not yet received any cases in the province so far, but we are now treating every diarrhoea case with suspicion. We have activated all our emergence response teams and identified possible isolation places if there is a case.

“Every district is now aware of where to send patients if there is a case. The teams are now ready for any eventuality,” said Dr Nyadundu.

Cholera cases were first reported in neighbouring Zambia, but Chegutu and Kadoma last week reported cases of cholera, putting the country on high alert to deal with the deadly bacteria.

Five people were reported to have died of cholera last week in Chegutu, while three patients were receiving treatment at Chegutu District Hospital.

There are fears of new cases being reported in Kadoma recently, following the cases that had earlier been reported in Chegutu. The local authorities have since been implored to avoid running towns dry by making sure that water is readily available to fight cholera.

In 2008, cholera claimed 484 lives while 11 735 were treated. Government has already started awareness campaigns to curb the spread of the disease.

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