Mi Casa show lives up to its billing

Mi Casa show lives up to its billing Micasa

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Award-winning and triple platinum selling South African house group Mi Casa, treated its Zimbabwean fans to a memorable show which left many asking for more at the 7 Arts Theatre last Friday. J-Something who is the lead vocalist for Mi Casa expressed gratification with how the Zimbabwean fans turned up for the event which was almost a full-house. “I am so delighted because Zimbabwe is full of lovely people and they have turned up to support us,”J -Something said.

“We are nothing without you. You make us who we are.” Mi Casa gave their best and this time around Brian Kadengu, Mokoomba and Pro beats supported their performance. First on stage was talented Kadengu known as Bryn K who showcased his acute harmonies and voice projections which left many wondering who this infamous guy was.

Bryn K interacted well with the audience and every song he presented proved a masterpiece as people instantly fell in love with his rhythm. He performed songs like “Matida”, “Marujera”, “Usasiyane Neni” and other popular songs like “Sorry” which was originally done by Justine Beiber,

“The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, “End of the Road” by Boys to Men, which had his own flair. Kadengu is truly the future of Zimbabwean music.

Next to the stage was beat boxer Pro Beats whose unique talent of using his mouth to make beats gave the audience another spectrum of the diversity in our local talent.

Pro Beats wowed revellers with beat after beat as he kept them engaged throughout the whole act.

Then Mokoomba followed to the stage.

Mokoomba hails from Victoria Falls and their vibrant, distinct combination of their Tonga and pan -African music cultures brought the house to a more happier atmosphere.

Afro pop fusion gurus showed their prowess in the music business with fans dancing to several of their songs like “Masangango”, “Nimukonda”, “Misozi” and many others.

The Zimbabwean Afro-fusion which has toured more than 40 countries announced that they will be performing at the fourth edition of ‘Africa Now’ concert together with other artists from Niger, Sudan and Ghana at Apollo Theatre in the United Kingdom this month.

And finally Mi Casa took on to the stage bringing the whole auditorium to frenzy.

The “Jika” hit-makers who had promised surprises earlier surely delivered their best performance as the crowd were kept on their feet throughout the whole show.

They took the opportunity to unleash songs from their latest album “Home Sweet Home” with songs like “Chocolate”, “Don’t Wanna be Your Friend” and “Turn You On” being the most favoured in the house.

However, fans were left asking for more when Mi Casa took off from the stage.

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