Mhike speaks on Sharjah Arts Biennial 15

Arts Reporter

South to South Arts Fellow, award-winning journalist, filmmaker, and creative curator Emmanuel Hove Mhike is among the six fellows from Africa and Asia attending the Sharjah Biennial 15 in the United Arab Emirates.

Sharjah Biennial is a cross-cultural two-week showcase of artworks in filming, performing arts, literary and visual Arts.

The 2023 Sharjah Biennial 15 is showcasing artworks from more than 300 artists of various origins, motives, and genres.

This year’s Sharjah Biennial has been running since the 7th of June and will end on the 11th of June.

The South to South Arts Fellowship has brought in 6 creative representatives from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and Lebanon.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Zimbabwean representative Mhike, said was proud to be representing Zimbabwe and Southern Africa Arts and Culture in the United Arab Emirates as this will develop his skills which he will impact to other local artists.

“It is phenomenal to be here, to witness the richness and diversity of the global South arts and culture.

“Also getting an opportunity to give people a glimpse and taste of the Southern African Culture is priceless,” he said.

Mhike said he cherishes the opportunity of creating networks that connect South to South Arts and Culture practitioners and the possibilities of facilitating cultural exchange programs.

“Asia just like Africa shares commonalities in colonial history but rich diversity in cultural traditions and performances hence great prospects of cultural and knowledge exchange,” said Mhike.

Commenting on the subject, South to South Arts Fellowship curator Anupama said it is the fellowship’s goal to connect cultural workers from the global South.

“It is great to see our vision becoming a reality.

“This is the pilot group and they are proving that cultural diversity is a beautiful thing that can also unlock collaborative abilities among the creative participants of diverse origins”.

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