Met office warns of violent thunderstorms Heavy rains

rainsSamantha Chigogo Herald Correspondent
Dry and hot conditions which have continued hitting most parts of the country will provoke strong and violent thunderstorms in some areas in the next few days, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has said.

The department said in a statement that some parts of the country, especially in the Matabeleland region, will experience the storms.

“A cloud system should gradually enter the country through Matabeleland provinces,” said the Met department. “Meanwhile, daytime temperatures are expected to remain high across the entire country.

“So, in all these areas, all Matabeleland provinces, Bulawayo, South of Midlands, Masvingo and South of Manicaland we expect increasing cloudiness during the day with thunder showers. It should be hot during day time.”

MSD cautioned the public, saying the thundershowers could be strong and violent.

“Please note that because of the heat, these thundershowers may be violent and accompanied by potentially damaging winds and hail,” it said. “The rest of the country would be dry and hot.”

It said more thundershowers were expected in most areas across the country in the coming weeks.

Kadoma, Bulawayo and Masvingo meteorological stations were expected to record high temperatures this week.

The MSD recently said rain frequency would increase by the end of November.

The country is enduring effects of climate change which have resulted in a shift in seasons, rainfall distribution and frequency.

Weather forecast has pointed towards a high probability of below normal rains for Zimbabwe. A wave of high temperatures in the last few weeks broke a 60-year-old record in areas like Masvingo and West Nicholson.

Scientists have been on record saying one of the strongest El Nino events ever recorded is now under way and is affecting Zimbabwe as well as other countries.

The effects of El Niño include reversal of wind patterns across the pacific, drought and unseasonal heavy rains.

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