Met Office warns of hailstorms

Met Office warns of hailstorms

hailstormBrenda Ziga Herald Reporter
Most parts of the country are expected to receive heavy rains with the potential of hailstorms and strong winds (gales) starting from Friday (yesterday) until Monday, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) warned yesterday.

For weeks, most parts of the country have been experiencing a dry spell that saw crops being declared a right-off and livestock succumbing to hunger.

In a statement yesterday, the MSD said rains in excess of 50mm per day would fall in the Matabeleland provinces, Central Midlands, all Mashonaland provinces and Manicaland.

“A cloud system currently approaching from the west is forecast to cover much of the country from today (yesterday).

“This is expected to bring heavy rain that will spread further into the country and indications are that there would be sharp downpours.

“In general, rains are expected countrywide from Friday (yesterday) to Monday, but should be mainly confined to Mashonaland provinces and Manicaland by Tuesday,” reads the statement.

The MSD said temperatures had been high and the thunderstorms had the potential of large hail and damaging winds.

The MSD warned the public against taking shelter under trees during the period as there was enhanced risk of being struck by lightning.

“People should refrain from parking vehicles under big and old trees, as these may fall down. All outdoor activities should be planned with the weather in mind. There is danger of electricity poles falling over, thus increasing the risk of electrocution when cables are handled carelessly. Motorists should exercise extra caution on poorly maintained roads,” the MSD said in its statement.

Harare and Bulawayo are some of the worst affected cities that have old trees mainly jacarandas that now need constant pruning and maintenance

President Mugabe early this month declared the 2015-16 agricultural season a national disaster due to the dire effects of the El Niño weather phenomenon that has seen the country receiving normal to below normal rainfall.

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