Merciless to grace Bites, Vibes gig Merciless

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As the festive season approaches, a revered radio personality is set to open the new month with a gig deemed Bites and Vibes, scheduled to take place on Saturday at Pakanaka Resort in Goromonzi.

Merciless, born Tatenda Charlton Nyevera, said he was ecstatic to open the festival month with a big gig. 

In his interview with The Herald Arts, Merciless encouraged the public to join him on that big event and he promised to dish out outstanding performances. 

“I’m encouraging the public to join me on a big event where we are opening the new month which is the beginning of the festival season,” he said. 

“I promise them that I will never disappoint, I’m going to dish out outstanding performances, so they should come in their numbers so that we can party together.” The gig will start at exactly 10am and it will include a variety of activities like canoeing, swimming, nature walks to enjoy the environment, quad bikes, zipline and many more. 

According to the event organiser, Tariro Kanyayi, there will be a spectacular event to ignite the month of December, while calming down school children who have just closed their third term. 

“The gig is going to be lit and spectacular as we are going to open the new month which is the starting point of the festive season,” she said. “The gig is also a refresher to the school children who are now on holiday after closing their term.” Kanyayi said there would be adequate security at the event, making it a family event. 

“Our gig is protected by a top security company, so there is no problem if the public attend the event with children because they are protected,” she said. “All our premises are heavily protected so that our attendants can enjoy the concert peacefully.” 

On the list of entertainers are Dj Madeherbelieve and Dj Nivek, who are going to entertain the attendants. 

The tickets are going for US$10 for both kids and adults. 

“The event is like a family show in its nature because it will accommodate all the age groups,” said Kanyayi. “So, the party in its nature and all the activities are to be handled and guided in a manner that there are children present, so their security is guaranteed.”

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