Men’s participation key to tackle GBV

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Men’s participation  key to tackle GBV

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Talent Bope
Arts Reporter
Dariro Arts and Films executive producer Tangisai Kasere has underscored the need for men to participate in gender-based violence (GBV) prevention programmes to eliminate the vice.

In a statement, Kasere said men’s participation in GBV programmes was of paramount importance to reduce GBV cases.

Kasere said Dariro Arts was determined to disseminate necessary information to come up with an enabling environment to crete good relations peace between men and women.

“I would want to urge my fellow men and boys to understand that their participation in GBV prevention programmes is of great importance and will surely result in zero tolerance to GBV cases.

“Dariro Arts will work hard to bring information to the community in this campaign to stop GBV. We want everyone to live in a peaceful environment where men and women have love and respect for each other, we need a world where everyone is safe from any form of violence.”

Kasere highlighted that mutual respect between cohabiting couples was conducive to economic growth in the country, adding women who were exposed to GBV were susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

“We want everyone to have equal opportunities for betterment of our economic growth.

“Gender-based violence has serious consequences, particular when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. Women who fail to make decisions about their sexual and reproductive health are more likely to contract HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

“Dariro Arts will not leave any stone unturned in tackling GBV issues, and therefore calls for intervention of the community to increase awareness campaigns.”

Kasere intends to reach to towns across the country and set up campaign groups of men and boys to fight GBV to help promote peace among men and women.

He had already been contacted by participants from the towns he intends to conduct campaigns.

“We have already received calls from Victoria Falls, Hwange and Mutare and will be visiting those places ahead of our shows. We are really inspired about this movement.

“It shows positive results on our response to involve men and boys  in preventing GBV.

“The show we are working on will highlight the need for personal transformation based on traditional ethics, spiritual guidance and policy making.

“Dariro Arts mainly focusing on men and boys to react to break the silence to act towards GBV cases to make a loud noise when they see abuse and violence taking place in order to make the world a better place by reducing and putting an end to GBV cases nationwide.”

Kasere commended First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa for spearheading the protection of vulnerable groups and GBV victims.

“Dariro Arts applauds the introduction of the national call centre by the First Lady to ensuring that everyone is protected from any form of violence.”


Those who would like to participate in Dariro Arts programmes can go to the group’s  Facebook page, YouTube channel or get in touch via WhatsApp on 0774261000.

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