Memory back from layoff with ‘love cure’ Memory Zaranyika

Arts Reporter
Yesteryear urban groove and Afro jazz musician Memory Zaranyika has not quit music, but says she has been around focusing on other projects.

Memory, who made a name in the early 2000 with a hit song “Bhogobhogo” which featured the late Morgan (DJ Hyper) Hove, is set to launch her single track tomorrow online.

She said the track “Paya” was inspired by societal settings, especially the marital issues.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Memory said all was set for the launch and the song served as a solution to some of the problems facing society.

“I know people say that I have been scarce, hiding from the scene, but believe you me I am still in the game,” she said. “I have been discovering myself even though I was working on several projects.

“Paya is dropping tomorrow and we are doing it virtually because of the global pandemic, hence it will be on all social media platforms. The song serves as cure to some of the marital problems people are facing. It is a love song and as you know people interpret love differently, but I am happy this has one goal of casting out immorality.”

Memory said she named the song “Paya” to depict the situation some people go through.

“It is a song on domestic violence which was inspired by the rise of divorce cases triggered by the pressures of lockdown financial pressures among others,” she said. “To me, it is about reminiscing with time where one is saying can we get back together again.”

Memory said women should be treated with respect and in the music sector be given equal shares like their counterparts.

“We also want equal opportunity just like our male counterparts when it comes to performing on stage or rather getting opportunities,” she said. “I know there have been online shows taking place, but it seems some producers are shunning women in music. We also need to survive.”

Memory said she was working on video for the single which will be released anytime soon.

Asked how the lockdown has been treating her she said: “The lockdown has made me rethink my career and really strategise. It has given me an opportunity to really find myself musically and write without much pressure and raising funds for videos.”

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