Meet Zimua: Passionate make-up artist

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Meet Zimua: Passionate make-up artist Shannon Emma Muchemedzi aka Zimua

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Reginald Chirenje

Art is a diverse range of human activities and product products that involve creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power and conceptual ideas.

Make-up is a powerful element in today’s society.

It can transform us into whoever or whatever we want.

Many make-up artists create stunning looks for every occasion we can imagine of.

Also let us not forget their talent when it comes to special film effects where they can transform a human into entirely different creature.

Likewise some artists spend long hours recreating art masterpieces on their faces and bodies.

Make-up inspired by art masterpieces is very impressive.

It is both an odle to the masters of art and a celebration for contemporary creativity.

Youth Interactive caught up with a Harare-based young gifted lady who majors in makeup artistry.

Shannon Emma Muchemedzi popularly known as “Zimua” in the industry.

The young talented lady became popular recently after she had  a hand in the controversial burning dress shoot which went viral on social media.

Shannon discovered her talent and started being passionate about it when she was in Grade 4.

“It is my belief that I was born an artist. I started drawing in the fourth grade, primary level.

Later I was made virtual art president at Queen Elizabeth Girls High School after they spotted  my talent.

“2015 is the year I started taking art so seriously after receiving inspiration from the ones who were making names for themselves in the industry.

That’s how I discovered a new canvas for painting and fell in love with it,” Zimua said.

A make up artist is a professional artist that uses mediums application to the skin in order to transform or enhance the appearance of a person.

Zimua has worked with quite a number of musicians, actors, models and film producers,including Nakai Matema, Billy Kabasa and Joe Nyagu.

“Much like those who love painting, drawing, sketching, pottery, drama and photography, make-up artists also love what they do.

“A creative soul cannot be kept still for very long.

“The inherent need to create, cannot be contained.”

An artist is wild, crazy, passionate, loving and full of life,” she added.

Since the beginning of the rise of the film industry, make-up has been used in many different ways. It is usually used as a way of building a person’s character.

A specific style of make up can show a character’s mood or simply depict what they are as a person.

Make-up and costume are an important role in film and television shows. Both help actors to further develop the person of their character for whatever role they are acting in.

It also helps in enhancing the experience of the audience by allowing information to be produced by the character’s appearance.

“It assists to efficiently complete the actor’s character, which allows the artist to act to the best of their ability. Make-up has been around since the beginning of films and it holds a very important spot in history.

“Although it is overlooked at times, without make-up most films or television shows would not be nearly as successful” Zimua, she said.

Becoming a make-up artist can be very difficult as there are so many competitors in the beauty industry.

It can also be quite a struggle in becoming a respected, top-notch and well noticed person as it requires one to come up with new fascinating, exciting techniques, creativity, flexibility and different concepts at times.

Add to that, dedication and long working hours—and it can be very exciting.

The career also gives one access to meeting new people everyday, promotes use of creativity and offers exposure through travelling and networking with influential people in a society.

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