Meet young, golfer, swimmer and footballer Tawanaishe Kizito Chitauro

Phillipa Mukome Chinhoi

Youth interactive Correspondent

Tawanaishe Kizito Chitauro is a 10-year old boy at Alfred Beit School in Harare. Tawanaishe is a prefect, golfer, swimmer, and soccer player.

In an interview with the Youth Interactive Section, Tawanaishe said at the age five he was awarded the Junior Sportsmanship because of his passion in golf, swimming and soccer. 

“My first sport was golf and what is amazing is l started playing the game at the age of 4 and thanks to my grandmother, Mrs Madzedze,” he said. 

His grandmother, who is a teacher and golfer, used to take him to watch golf tournaments and this is where Tawanaishe developed interest in the sport. 

He said “At first l used to go to golf clubs for seniors but were too big for me so when my grandmother saw the passion l had for the game she bought me a golf kit and started taking me to golf coaching clinics and the rest is now history”.

Tawanaishe has participated in various golf tournaments which include the Zimbabwe Junior Association Dorwood Cup, tournaments hosted by Rotary Club of Hunyani, and those organised by Hellenic Academy. Asked to highlight the unforgettable memories since he started playing the sport, he said:

“The most exciting since l started playing golf is when l met Sean Crocker an American professional golfer who plays in the European Tour and you know what, he actually gave me his cap as a souvenir.

“l was so excited and l could not wait to get home and share the news with my mother and show her the cap, she was extremely happy,” said the 10-year-old.  

Tawanaishe is not only a golfer, but he also swims at Kirsty Coventry Swimming Academy and is in the school’s soccer team. 

He said he manages school and sports so well.

He said passion, determination, and support from his family have been key to his success. “I have a very supportive family who supports me in both my school work and sports, they believe in me, and because of that everything becomes easy for me and l always remain on top of my game in class and in the sporting field,” he said.

Tawanaishe said during his spare time he plays FIFA on his Xbox.

He also loves to watch movies on Netflix and Showmax.

The young boy said his dream is to become a commercial lawyer. 

“I am working so hard in school because l want to become a lawyer just like my uncle.

“I know being a lawyer comes with a lot of work and long working hours but l am up for it,” said the bubbly 10-year-old. 

He is also the current Alfred Beit vice president for early actors. 

He said he loves to do Rotary work and so being an early actor gives him the opportunity to participate in Rotary activities.

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