Meet the lady behind ‘Fadza Mutengi’ Allanah with Poptain during the video shoot of ‘ fadza Mutengi’

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Senior Lifestyle Writer

“Fadza mutengi wedoro


Fadza mutengi wehwahwa


Ita kakupusa, kakuvata, kakupenga

Iwe uchiziva wafadza mutengi

Kurumidza kuguta usaite kuruta . . .”

The song is a monumental success and has touched the hearts and souls of many imbibers and non-imbibers, the young and the old, and obviously this is the reason the song has dominated radio stations.

Social media videos of sing-alongs of the song have gone viral, from home to the Diaspora.

A lot has been said and written about the talented Poptain, but the origins and full input of the “Reeeh”, “Ahaha” part has not been explained.

And, so, who is that girl with that sweet melodious voice who backs Poptain?

The Herald Saturday Lifestyle traced the very humble 25-year-old Allanah, born and bred in Chitungwiza, and she opened up on her life.

As they say, dynamite come in small packages, but when it explodes it brings down mountains.

Allanah, as she is affectionately known in the music circles and by her legion of fans, was born Tiny Machivenyika, in a family of three girls and one boy.

Allanah with her mother

“Music has always been my passion while growing up,” she said.

“I started singing when I was in kindergarten at Rutendo pre-school. I could outshine my peers and my family knew that I was a musician destined for success.

“I am a reggae singer and my claim to fame was that I did renditions of old and trendy songs. So, there was this time when I was listening to brighter day’s ‘Riddim’ and Obert Chari’s song ‘Mebo’ was a hit I tried doing a cover of it with a band on social media and Obert saw it and he loved it. He gave us rights to record it.

“I am not new to the music industry as I recorded my first song in 2014, “Give Glory” although it didn’t receive much attention. It is just about the opportunity and I was waiting for the right time.

“I attended Moffat Primary School and did Ordinary Level at Morgan High School. I passed four subjects and I didn’t want to rewrite because of my love was music.”

Allanah said she coined her stage name from her favourite artistes.

“I just took parts of the names from my favourite artistes, Fianah and Alaine,” she said.

Allanah said her breakthrough was in 2018 when she met Llyod Jiro, popularly known as ‘Papa Lodza’, who identified her talent and wanted to explore more musically with her.

“I was in the school and church choirs,” she said.

“Although I am into reggae, I am currently a worship leader at Labour of Love Church.

“In 2015, Raw Music wanted singers as backing vocalists and I was very lucky to be selected. I can say my breakthrough came two years ago under the guidance of music producer Papa Lodza when I started doing cover songs.

“I was then signed by Raw Music and my cover songs were receiving positive comments, leading me to recording my own songs, ‘Mude Mude’ — a love song and ‘Mboko Last’, a song related to the hardships and challenges faced by young women.”

Fast forward to 2020, Allanah did the instant hit, ‘Fadza Mutengi’, with Poptain.

But how did they meet?

“So, we were paid to do a song for someone and Poptain and I met at Cymplex Studios in Waterfalls while working on separate projects,” said Allanah.


“We then listened to the beat of ‘Fadza Mutengi’, then we decided to do that song.”

The bubbly musician said it is her dream to do a duet with Zimdancehall sensation Winky D. And for now she is just enjoying her new celebrity fame, though she is still the same girl next door.

“I wish to collaborate with Winky D,” she said.

“I have worked with artistes like Lesco, Solution, Everlast, Poptain and Soul Jnr among others. My celebrity lifestyle is just starting. I stay in the ghetto and every day I am pestered by fans.

“Sometimes children knock at our gate, chanting my songs and I go out to meet them and I hangout with them. I haven’t changed as I am still the girl next door; same friends.”

“I was born a musician, I wouldn’t be anything else other than a musician,” she said.

“I would tell my parents I wanted to be a musician. I remember my friends would come with lyrics cuttings from The Sunday Mail and The Herald Cool Lifestyle and we could sing along. In five years, I will still be doing music, and I am involved in charity work.”

Allanah is in a serious relationship, but did not want to share much details on who the lucky guy is?

“I spend my time with friends, family and my boyfriend,” she said.

“Each and every one has their time. I also have time for rehearsals. At least 70 percent of me is music.

“The music business is paying even though I face challenges in the industry, since it is male dominated, but I can say I am ready to conquer.”

Allanah said she owes her success to her family which has been very supportive.

“My manager and my family have been supportive and I can say I have conquered most challenges because of them as they look after me very well,” she said.

“I was raised by a single parent following the death of my father. While I was growing up, my mother loved music and when she discovered I could sing, she was with me every step.

“My extended family was not happy at first because they wanted me to have another profession. I was insulted, but my mother stood by me. She is my role model and I am much inspired by her.”

Recently, Allanah caused a stir at socialite Ginimbi’s white party when she came clad in a white short dress.

“I am a girly-girl and that is my fashion sense,” she described herself.

As the chant goes. . . “And akanyepa usamuudze mututumadze uchiti idama iroro.”

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