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Meet the ‘browns’ this season

19 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views
Meet the ‘browns’ this season There are simple brown rules you need to know

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Fashion 263
Hello to a colourful weekend.

I know, right, that some of you are still confused with the weather patterns.

To some, the weekend is a chance to have some me-time, leave all obligations and responsibilities behind and not forgetting slaying.

The weekend is all about me-time and desires.

Even though it is sometimes windy, cold, breezy and hot, it is still summer, perhaps a summer suffering from the effects of climate change.

Last week I got an email from one of the popular socialites and fashionistas responding to my column.

She said: “I know you mentioned summer colours and did you consider the colour brown. You can still rock in those winter and autumn colours. It is just that you haven’t seen me wearing them. Please, I am just giving heads up, not that you can publish my name. Brown is the new blue this summer.”

It is true the debate on colour coordination is still raging this season.

We once covered the pinks, reds, blues and whites, but some are still arguing that brown should fit in the club or weekend getaway.

Yes, and why not, even brown shorts can do.

After thorough research and checking, I agree, that brown is the new black.

I used to hesitate wearing brown in summer, but after latest research am yet to try.

The ladies are leading the pack and hello ‘Louis Vutton’, you can’t be left out.

Anyway, according to one of the international fashion hubs, Combat Gent, from tan to taupe, beige and chocolate, all you need to do is find the right hue for you and it promises to make your wardrobe work twice as hard.

Well, the colour brown sometimes gets a pretty bad reputation when it comes to clothing as it is drab, ugly and mostly it is reserved for librarians and girl scouts.

Despite being shunned by the masses for some years, this season the fashion world has declared it a must-have hue.

This is partly due to fashions enduring love affair with all things Seventies, of course.

An era when things never looked so brown, this is not the first time the decade has made a come back, but up until now, its return has been signalled by more wearable trends like fringing, checked blazers and corduroy.

If you want to broach the trend tentatively, do not believe the myth that brown can’t be worn with black.

In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to wear it; simply layer a shirt or jacket over a fine black roll-neck and you have nailed it.

Alternatively, corduroy is one of the few fabrics everyone agrees looks better in brown.

So if you want to go all-out Seventies, this is your best option, do not forget about the weather, you can just throw it up your shoulders.

For the gentlemen, when it comes to clothing, brown’s name is mud.

Yes, you can still rock your brown shoes, which is fine, and your brown belt. Avoid the brown shirt.

Ladies can get away with the brown dress.

Here is how to style your brown, so you don’t end up looking like Starsky and Hutch:

There are so many different shades of brown that you can easily find something in your wardrobe to match. All those shades, from chocolate to cereal hues, mean that tonal outfits work well. Tonal outfits are a great way to look fashionable without trying too hard. Try wearing a darker, chocolate-coloured suit with lighter shirt and tan shoes. Or, if tailoring is not your thing, try a darker brown shade pair of slim fit chinos with a camel coat and knitwear of a lighter shade.

The right brown for your skin tone.You need to understand this concept very well. If you are tanned or darker-skinned and pick the wrong shade of brown, from a distance you will look semi-naked at best, full birthday suit at worst. Ladies be careful when selecting your shade.

One thing about brown is that it does not need much accessories as it is fresh and natural.

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