Meet Joey Nyikadzino: The Game Changer Joey Nyikadzino

Senior Lifestyle Reporter 

SHE doesn’t hide her marital status both on social media and in public.

A proud single mother of two boys, she hasn’t stopped dreaming of remarrying after quitting a toxic union, affectionately referred to as M2, in street lingo.

Her eldest son was only four when she decided to go separate ways with her baby dad.

Many of her peers promised to give her a shoulder but vanished when she needed them the most.

She had to come to terms with being a single mother in her early 30s.

Her baby dad, who she prefers calling “former husband” for respect’s sake, quickly settled after their messy divorce.

Determined to nurse her heart-break and move on, she embraced her situation and the move has paid off.

Now a successful businesswoman, fashionista, actress and philanthropist, Joey Nyikadzino is living her dream.

Fresh from celebrating the Women’s Month, Joey has every reason to thank the Lord who rescued her in her darkest hours.

“I can’t thank the Lord enough,” says Joey.

“It’s hard to believe I am that woman who was despised when the chips were down. I am now an entrepreneur, beautician and pillar of hope to a number of single mothers out there under my popular movement, Single Mothers Club.

“I have more than 20000 members in the US, Zimbabwe and South Africa who look up to me through the movement, which I started. 

“It’s a club I started on Facebook and now it has grown popular both locally and abroad.

“I have decided to empower them through various projects that we conduct through networking.

“This is the only way I can say thank you to the Lord by giving back to Him for blessing me in the best way He has done.”

Business wise, Joey says her empire is flourishing.

“To be honest, I am a busy entrepreneur who travels a lot since I am multi-tasking.

“I don’t like travelling but I don’t have an option because I will end up running out of stock. As a businesswoman, I run a clothing wholesale, which requires me to travel a lot to get some orders.

“I supply Honda Fit engines, which also require me to travel a lot. I also run two beauty salons in Harare and you can see that I’m indeed a busy woman.”

Due to her busy schedule, Joey says she has time for family.

“I’m a bit organised to be frank. I have two personal assistants – one who manages me and the other one who helps me in running my errands and businesses.

“I am a mother of two boys aged 13 and nine. The eldest is now in Form 1. I make sure I am there for them when I am not travelling.

“However, it’s not easy raising boys as a single mother because I don’t know some of the challenges they face.

“With technology, I always research online to find out what they need in life because I want to give them a decent life.” 

Explaining how she ended up being a single mother, Joey says she had no option but to call it quits.

“I would want to be honest on this one to help others out there. I have always been an ambitious person in life but my husband was against my vision.

“We would fight and argue until the relationship became toxic. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to walk away.

“Many people thought I was joking but I quit the relationship for the sake of my mental health,” recalls Joey.

She, however, says they contact each other when the children are either sick or in need of school fees.

“I now call him my former husband. I have to respect him as the father of my children but I have moved on with my life.

“He is happily married and I always wish him all the best in his endeavours. I’m not that bitter ex who curses their former lovers.” 

Joey, who turns 40 in May, hasn’t ruled out chances of getting married.

“I will definitely remarry because I am also human.

“I have been dating a guy for the past two years and I am really happy having him in my life.

“The man respects me a lot and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done in my life.

“He has brought happiness in my life.”

 Like most of her peers, who parade their riches on social media, Joey says she is not living a fake lifestyle.

She has a sound advice to those who are leading fake lifestyles.

“Life on social media streets can be tricky if you are not careful. I’m sorry if there are people out there are or socialites doing so,” she says.

Like any other person, Joey has made mistakes which she regrets.

“I regret ever bleaching my skin. I had a good melanin skin and I was not that dark but out of experimenting, I ended up bleaching.

“I sometimes ask myself why I did it but it was part of growing up where people make mistakes in life.

“I don’t encourage women to bleach their skin because there are some who appreciate them as they are.

“In my case, I can manage my condition but it happened by accident and maybe peer pressure, plus kusada kusaririra waiziva. This is the only advice I can give to those who don’t like their natural beauty.”

With the new trend of young rich women suspected to be using juju and joining cults to get rich, Joey revealed she has also been accused of being one of them.

“People will always say awful stuff, especially when a woman makes it in life. I have been accused of so many things but I don’t care anymore.

“In fact, those people talking negative stuff about myself are giving me the courage to continue working hard.

“I have fought many private battles to be where I am today and I can’t stop those who accuse us of using juju because they are lazy and don’t know how to make money.” 

Zoey, who was raised in a humble family by strict parents, said her upbringing made her a hard worker.

“I can safely say I am now a beast considering the way I was raised by my parents. I once stayed at mission schools where we were taught to be responsible at a young age.

“One of the things I have always maintained is to focus and think outside the box, which made me the successful woman I am today.

“I am grateful to God who has blessed me as a single woman at a time when many people were not giving me a chance in life to succeed,” she said.

As a role model, Joey believes faith and focus is needed for women to succeed.

“My advice to fellow women is that they need to stick to their goals and remain focused. As a successful woman who started from the bottom, I am ready to assist aspiring women, especially single ladies to start their own self-sustaining projects like poultry, horticulture and catering.”

But who is this Joey Nyikadzino?

Well, Joey was born on May 21 1983 in a family of seven –  two boys and five girls.

She did her primary school in Mutoko before she enrolled at Ngezi High where she passed her Ordinary Level with flying colours.

She enrolled at Roosevelt Girls High School in Harare for her Advanced Level.

As an orphan, she began hustling to make a living and raised money to enrol at Nyadire Teachers College where she studied teaching.

It appears teaching was not her calling as she found herself studying Cosmetology at Harare polytechnic. 

She has since invested a lot on fashion and beauty, which makes her one of the role models in that industry.

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