Meet Epworth’s human ‘robot’

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Meet Epworth’s human ‘robot’ Silence Furo of Epworth steps ito the shoes of traffic policeman as he controls traffic at the intersection of Sam Nujoma Street and Lomagundi Road in the Avondale/Mount Pleasant area of Harare. — Picture: Tawanda Mudimu

The Herald

Natasha Kokai Herald Reporter
A 13-year-old boy from Epworth is earning a living through controlling traffic on one of Harare’s busiest roads. Silence Furo who plies his trade at the intersection of Sam Nujoma Street and Lomagundi Road says he fends for his blind parents and sibling from his  earnings.

He does not go to school while his mother is blind.

“I used to a beggar to along Churchill Road until my friends taught me how to control traffic,” he narrated to The Herald.

“After I had grasped the idea, they told me to look for a place of my own and that is how I came here three months ago since there was no one to control the traffic nin the bsence of robots due to electricity challenges.

“I give my mother the money that I earn here so that she can cater for our needs at home. I can earn as much as $50 per day,” he said.

Furo said he comes to “work” early in the morning all the way from Epworth. He said commuter operators who ply the City-Mount Pleasant route now know him such that he does not pay for transport to or from town.

The teenager said he was willing to quit his job and go to school as long as his family’s upkeep  was catered                        for.

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