MDCs rapped for trip of shame Nelson Chamisa
Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

Takunda Maodza News Editor—
THE MDC-T has once again exposed its puppet nature and lack of direction in sending its leadership to the United States of America to lobby for electoral reforms in Zimbabwe when other political parties like Zanu-PF are on the ground oiling their electoral machines for a landslide victory come 2018, political analysts have said.MDC-T vice president Mr Nelson Chamisa yesterday posted on his Twitter account: “In the US – I’m with bro& Cde Biti on a vital global advocacy and diplomatic outreach. Our meetings are high level with the State Department, Congress, global business and US civil society. Our focus is repositioning opposition & global coalition for free and fair elections in 2018.”

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Norton legislator Mr Temba Mliswa said by flying to the US at a time Zimbabweans are enjoying a new political dispensation under the leadership of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, which is promising a positive turn for the nation, the MDC-T had proven it is not good for Zimbabwe.

“They are not for the good of Zimbabweans. They are for themselves. They have not talked to the current President yet they rush to engage America. They must understand that we are a sovereign nation and so is America. They did not even engage Sadc or the AU. They have made Sadc and the AU useless. They are totally not pan-Africanists. The West is looking for partners and not puppets. It is sad,” said Mr Mliswa.

“This shows that the sanctions that the people of Zimbabwe suffered are at their hands. It is pretty clear. They advocated sanctions so that we suffer. I am disappointed with a young man like Chamisa who seems to be part of that. These are male chauvinists hungry for power. Some of them cannot even win a ward let alone a constituency. Who are they representing in America? Trump must remember that these are the same people who were supporting Hillary Clinton and are now jumping ship. Their DNA is certainly not Zimbabwean.” Tanzania-based political analysts Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the MDC was exposing itself as a Trojan horse of imperialists.

“Zimbabweans must be vigilant to repel this sanctions-mongering lot in the MDC. It is shocking that instead of contributing to the success of our new dispensation, the MDC is busy taking its begging bowl to its paymasters in their false hope of salvaging a clinically dead carcass. It is even more shameful that they are double dipping since they also get funded under the Political Parties Finance Act from Government. Unfortunately, they have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing since 2002 and come 2018, the writing is on the wall. President Mnangagwa is the only game in town.’’ Another political analyst, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa, said the MDC was misdirecting its efforts.

“They are misdirecting their efforts. When Zanu-PF is gearing itself for elections by going for Congress this week to confirm their Presidential candidate, when it is encouraging its supporters to register to vote and when it is in the electoral mode, they (MDCs) are not doing the same. They are going outside to look for money but money does not vote,” he said. Mr Mureriwa said it was also surprising that the MDCs were in America looking for funding which they have received and abused since 1999.

‘The CIA knows that the opposition abused their funding from 1999 running into billions of dollars. Everyone knows what Tsvangirai did with the money . . . They are splinter movements in the MDC that came out of fights over foreign funding. They went to America and advocated for sanctions and sanctions came – they expect electoral reforms in Zimbabwe from America? In international law no country can make a policy on behalf of another as this is tantamount to interference.” Mr Mureriwa said the MDC was going to meet a very unreliable man in Donald Trump.

“They are desperate for funding but they are going to meet a very unreliable guy. This is the guy who said America first, America second, America third. They should have realised the Trump whom they are putting so much trust in is an unprincipled leader who is now doubted by everyone in international relations. He has made statements on Iran, Iraq and declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel in violation of standing UN resolutions on how to handle the Palestinian issue,” added Mr Mureriwa .

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