MDC-T: Hoping for bumper harvest from drought

MDC-T: Hoping for bumper harvest from drought Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Tichaona Zindoga Political Editor
When Acting President Phelekhezela Mphoko last week called for a national week of prayer for rains, since Zimbabwe, like many other African countries, is facing a severe drought apparently caused by the El Nino phenomenon, the national reception was varied.

Some believed that prayers would work – like the few churches that went to the forefront of the national prayer – while others were ambivalent.

When bombarded with a lot of scientific explanations about nature and being an educated nation as we are, it may be hard for some people to believe that pleading with God or gods can reverse the course of nature.

The scepticism is either accompanied by respectful silence or feckless derision of the gods and all those interceding with them.

But every well meaning person tends to hope for the best, even against hope itself, because it is in the national interest to have sufficient food for the table.

It is a matter of life and death.

It came as a surprise then that a section of the Zimbabwean society was so animated in its derision of, and opposition to, the idea of national rain making prayer week.

And it turned out these people were in a large part opponents of the ruling Zanu-PF and supporters of the opposition.

Their rationale, indeed their evil prayer, was simple: let people suffer and die from hunger so that the ruling Zanu-PF party would be forced from the throne.

It is a matter of record that the opposition in Zimbabwe thrives on the suffering of the people and that is why the MDC invited sanctions against the country which caused untold hardship, death and disease that nearly ended up in a humanitarian disaster in 2007-8.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai himself stunned the nation when he salt-scrubbed his audience at a rally telling them they would suffer more.

Nelson Chamisa revealed that the MDC could walk on dead bodies on its march to State House.

This time, the MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu, stands out quite clearly as the epitome of this evil-mongering death wish on Zimbabwe.

A news website yesterday reported that the party had said that the “Satanic” Government “can’t call rain prayers” – without a sense of irony, of course.

Said Gutu: “The Zanu-PF regime is essentially Satanic and, thus, they should be the last people to masquerade as a God-fearing government.”

In the self-serving statement, Gutu peppered his opposition to the national prayer request with an accusation that prayer meetings for one Itai Dzamara had allegedly been barred – which is not true.

The MDC-T has previously used so-called prayer meetings for political reasons, the most prominent of which was the illegal meeting at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare, in March 2007 which ended violently but which reaped huge publicity for Morgan Tsvangirai.

He gloats about the same in his book “At The Deep End”.

Political prayer meetings for Dzamara have not yielded the desired results, nor have attempts by a little-known clergyman Ancelimo Magaya to forge a convention of opposition parties worked.

Thus the opposition was afraid that God would answer a genuine prayer for a national cause – not about a moronic political activist dealing with ghosts of irrelevance.

God just did it.

Over the weekend, and at the time of writing yesterday, rains were being received countrywide, casting Acting President Mphoko in a light between a high priest and rain-maker.

With every hope of a miracle to salve the agricultural season and the larger economy, the evil prayers of the MDC-T are threatened.

Because the party has no positive ideas to sell to the Zimbabwean electorate, the opposition hopes to inflict pain on people via hostile interventions from evil countries in the West and the Devil in Hell himself.

The drought of ideas, least of all governing ones, is what the opposition should be more worried about itself.

Even if nature were to visit drought this year, it would not make the MDC-T fit to rule this country.

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