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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Executive officer Mr Douglas Mboweni, recently opened up to tech students attending the official launch of Tech@school at Harare Institute of Technology during a career guidance session on how he joined Econet. Speaking on his brief history and journey to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Mr Mboweni spoke in detail how he met founder of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Mr Strive Masiyiwa and how he was introduced to the Econet’s vision, way before it was started.

Mr Mboweni ran through his lifetime story and delved on how he was inspired by Mr Masiyiwa before he made the decision to join the biggest mobile network operator in Zimbabwe and second top tax paying company in Zimbabwe.

The Econet CEO spoke on the day that transformed his life when he met Strive Masiyiwa and got into a meeting that ultimately changed his life.

“The best point to start my story is way back in 1996 on the 7th of February. I can never shade that date away from my mind because that is the day our second child was born. He was born in the Avenues Clinic and that is the first day I also met Mr Masiyiwa as the founder of Econet at 12pm.

“The doctors dismissed me from the room and said that I could go anywhere I wanted so I proceeded to go to the interview because that happened to be the same day I had an interview with Mr Masiyiwa at Fidelity Life tower in the Kopje area.”

Mr Mboweni said that he was not looking for a job at the time of meeting Mr Masiyiwa but was only introduced to him by an employment agent for a discussion over their upcoming project.

“I was not looking for a job. I had been informed by an employment agency that I needed to talk to him so I went basically just to communicate and find out what they really wanted. That conversation transformed my life.”

He proceeded to explain that Mr Masiyiwa showed him a clear vision on how Econet Wireless Zimbabwe was going to be started and would impact the life of many not just nationally but regionally.

“The question is what is it that I found from the discussion, because I was fairly comfortable where I was coming from or where I was at that particular stage, so ultimately it was the interaction with Mr Masiyiwa that was unique and inspiring in the sense that I saw something that I had never seen before in a man which was a clear vision”

The Econet CEO said that the vision was so clear as it articulated what Strive wanted to do and added that one of the fundamental things he learnt in my life through his experience at Econet, is that “we cannot go successfully through life without clarity of vision.”

Mr Mboweni also told the youths that it was not about whom you know or are connected to, for your success but rather encouraged the youths to be diligent and put extra effort in their work as they will be solely rewarded by input to whatever they seek.

“Let me say diligence is something that I believe is one of the three fundamental pillars of success wherever you go. Again, Proverbs chapter 10vs4 talks about lazy hands leading to poverty but diligent hands always lead to wealth. I used to think that it must be my relationships with somebody, no, diligent hands lead to wealth.”

The Econet boss also took time to answer some burning questions coming from the youths which they sought clarification and guidance on. The purpose of the convention was to guide and inspire the young and upcoming techies in Zimbabwe to help them attain their goals as future leaders in technology in Zimbabwe.

Tech@school is an annual event organised by TechnoMag to connect higher and tertiary students to industry while exposing them to real world environments and renowned captains of the industry.

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