Mawoko lives up to his screen name

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busy day in the office for him.
Dread Welly, as he is popularly known on the television soap, insisted the cab belonged to a friend.
“Hey, you guys you really want to write that? Well, it’s not my taxi; it’s my friend’s car and that day you saw me I was only trying to earn a bit of cash,” he said.
However, Dread Welly reiterated that it wasn’t anything new as he had been driving taxis for a long time.
“I have always done this (driving a cab) since way back. Ko handiti kutsvaga cash here?” he said.
“Well, you can go ahead and write the story I know I will get a lot of customers as a re-sult.”
Dread Welly used to delight Studio 263 viewing audiences with his notoriety and artful dodges. Together with his “partner in crime” Denzel Burutsa, who starred as Jabu, the duo proved they were just as daring as they were portrayed to be, yet they were very likeable off the set.
They were also blossom buddies off the set, a friendship which they developed while shooting Studio 263.
One thing you cannot take away from Dread Welly is that he surely knows how to fend for his family and he is the sort of person who hustles a lot.
“So you tell me if you see me driving a refuse collection truck or a bus you are going to write about it? I think you should just ignore some of these stories,” he said.
Besides driving a taxi, Dread Welly is fast becoming a musician of sorts.
The actor released his second studio album last year titled “Plan B”. The five-track album is a follow-up to his debut released in 2005 titled “Another Plan” launched on the back of his popularity on Studio 263.
The album was recorded at DWP Records, his own studio in the high-density of Mabvuku which was established last year.

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