Mavura to launch new book

Mavura to launch new book Abel Mavura
Abel Mavura

Abel Mavura

Arts Correspondent
Author Abel Mavura is set to launch his motivational book titled “The Art of Realising your Dream” at a local hotel next month.

Mavura said passion pushed him to motivate people though his personal experience that he reflects on in the book. “It takes a lot to come up with a book. You need to be passionate first before you start the process and then resources are one of the major inputs,” said Mavura.

Like any other author he complained about piracy saying the culprits need should be given deterrent sentences. The author said despite all the challenges, he wishes to let people realise their dreams through the book.

“Purpose is the original intent for the creation of a person or the thing; the specific function of somebody or a thing. This short line is an extract from the forthcoming book and it means a person is nothing without a dream and a dream is nothing without a purpose,” he said.

Mavura said he is just an ordinary person who managed to realise his dreams. “I am just like everyone alive in this day and nothing makes me unique besides how I managed some of my own dreams. ‘‘My background is not that rosy and I have learnt a lot from my own dreams,” said Mavura.

According to the young author, the purpose of the book is to evoke dreamers of purposeful dreams that are focused on the intended goals. “Something interesting that one would pick from my life stories is that I never focused on my weaknesses but the potential that I discovered in myself.

‘‘It is very important to focus on our strengths and the rest is set aside. Even today, strength remain my main point of attraction in order to enhance my personal growth, that is spiritually and physically,” he added.

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