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Mavura eyes regional market

03 Oct, 2017 - 00:10 0 Views
Mavura eyes regional market Abel Mavura’s book cover

The Herald

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Author Abel Mavura has struck deals with several companies in different countries for the distribution of his book “The Art of Realising your Dream” that will be launched in Harare at the end of this month. Mavura’s deals will see the being book distributed in Ghana, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“I have been in talks with different distribution companies in several African countries so that the book will be sold in some of these countries. I am happy that all has been finalized,” he said.

Mavura said though he has settled for these countries he was also looking for other companies to distribute his product in countries like Malawi and Namibia. He said the book was a true reflection of his life. Mavura believes people should adopt certain aspects of life in order to realise their dreams.

“To a greater extent, the book is a mirror that reflects my life journey testifying on all the success stories. We need to set goals in life, what it takes to have desire, self-belief, faith and hope, staying power, visioning, discipline and courage for one to realise them,” he said.

He said the book will also inspire young people to realise their dreams despite challenges they face or their backgrounds.

Abel Mavura’s book cover

Abel Mavura’s book cover

“It seeks to create lessons with objective to assure all ages that life is not a constant cycle but it is dynamic,” he added.

The young writer said it was important for them to give genuine and practical examples with references to bring readers close to reality.

“Of late motivational writing has been gradually evolving into research field. Writers often preach on reported speech not from a first-hand experience. I tried as much as possible to give genuine examples,” he said.

He said after reading the book readers will revive their hope and accelerate their movement towards achieving their goals. Mavura has worked with different arts organisations that include musicians.

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