Mavima rallies Midlands against sanctions

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Mavima rallies Midlands against sanctions Minister Mavima

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People from across the Midlands province should send a clear message to the country’s detractors by coming out in their numbers and join the nation and the Sadc region at large in the anti-sanctions march slated for Friday, Minister of State for Midlands provincial Affairs, Senator Larry Mavima has said.

Sadc Heads of State and Government declared Friday October 25, 2019 as the day to stand in solidarity with Zimbabwe in calling for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the west.

In an interview yesterday, Minister Mavima said the anti-sanctions march should be embraced by every progressive Zimbabwean regardless of their political affiliation.

“This is not a political stunt but a real problem that has affected every Zimbabwean regardless of their political affiliation. On October 25 every one with the country at heart should just take time to reflect and think of our elderly in the rural areas, anyone around you and see how these illegal sanctions have just left the country bleeding,” said Minister Mavima.

He said people in the Midlands should come out tops in terms of numbers during the march since the province was country’s industrial hub.

He urged people to be peacefully during the march. “We are saying enough is enough, In the Midlands we have many strategic companies that are bearing the brunt of these illegal sanctions. Let’s send a clear message that these sanctions are hurting us. We are not demanding a billion dollars from the US and her allies so that we revamp our economy, all we are saying is just leave us alone, and do the right thing by lifting these sanctions imposed on us,” he said.

Added Minister Mavima: “This is my plea to the Midlanders and the nation at large, let’s go out in numbers and speak in one voice peacefully,” he said.

Minister Mavima said Zimbabwe was a sovereign nation and the illegal sanctions should be removed unconditionally.

“The US president, (Mr Donald) Trump, spoke very well at the UN General Assembly recently when he talked about sovereignty of nations while emphasising on the independence of nations for prosperity.

“This is what we are calling for. We are not calling for more; we are just saying remove sanctions and leave us to revive our economy. We have what it takes to move forward,” he said.

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